Paper Plate Easter Basket
Mar 29th, 2013 by Craftylocks


I had fun making this one – I wanted to make something really simple that lots of ages and abilities could enjoy – this one worked for me!

You start by making a really simple basket using two paper plates and a bit of paper for a handle. Cut the top of the paper plates and face them together with a bit of paper folded to make a handle in between them as pictured. Staple the plates together with the ends of the paper handle between them.

You now have a very simple basket that could be decorated in any number of ways. Your young crafter may choose to paint or glitter or collage their basket. I chose to curl it! I curled some strips of paper by rolling them around a pen and then gluing them on to the basket. This is quite a good technique to teach even quite young children to do – they find it quite fun!

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Paper Plate Easter Bunny Basket
Mar 26th, 2013 by Craftylocks


Finding a craft that is fun to do is great – pulling your own idea together is even better!

Pippi Pipecleaners had this one pop into her head whilst sorting through easter supplies. When she showed it to me I thought that this would be a really good one for the children to make just before Easter and then sit it beside their bed ready for something to be left in it from Easter Bunny.

It is made with 2 paper plates and some white card. You could decorate it with paint or felts, but this one uses crepe paper for the pink feet and ear bits, and also to make the ‘nest’

Cut a circle from the base of one of the plates. Save the circle as you will use this for the face.

Glue the plates together so they are facing each other.

Cut two feet shapes out of the white card and glue the crepe paper toe pads in place.

Trim the circle, from the plate, to size for the bunny’s face. Cut a pair of ears and draw the face on with the black marker. Miss Pipecleaners reckons that she can’t draw at all, so a trick she uses is to google image something she need to draw – in this case a bunny face. Then she picks the one that fits her needs and confidence.

Glue the ears to the head and leave to dry.

Cut strips from the crepe paper and then pull the strips apart. Although this may seem really obvious, I had not thought of cutting crepe paper like this to make shredded style paper – I really like it!

Place in the tummy of the bunny and glue the feet in place.

Glue the head in place and fill the tummy with treats.

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Translucent Tissue Paper Easter Egg
Mar 23rd, 2013 by Craftylocks


This is a great craft for an older child to create – they will be very very proud of their results

Pippi Pipecleaners made this beautiful egg, but her first attempt was a bowl using this technique – unfortunately she didn’t use any petroleum jelly. Turns out that is quite important – so we have no bowl to show you but we had a good laugh though! With Easter around the corner she had another go – worked perfectly I think.

You need a water balloon, white tissue, flowers, white glue, cling film and petroleum jelly! You might also want to use a balloon pump and have a clothes peg handy.

Inflate the water balloon. Don’t over inflate so you can squeeze the balloon into an egg shape.

Cover the balloon in petroleum jelly and then the cling film. Make sure the cling film sits as flat as possible. Twist the end of the cling film and secure with a clothes peg. The cling film adds an extra layer of strength to your egg without blocking out light and the petroleum jelly stops the balloon sticking to the cling film.

Cut the white tissue into small pieces – if the pieces are too big they won’t sit flat against the balloon.

Dilute the white glue so it is a consistency similar to pouring cream. Paint some of the balloon with the glue and then stick on the tissue. Smooth out any pieces of tissue that are sticking up. Cover your balloon with two coats of tissue.

Stick your flowers to the balloon brushing down with the glue brush. If you are using fresh flowers, make sure you select flat flowers as any air will cause the flowers to decay.

Coat with one coat of tissue.

Leave to dry thoroughly. I used the peg to clip it out of the way.

Pop the balloon and snip off the extra cling film.

Decorate with a ribbon to hide the hole.

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Apple Printed Paper
Mar 20th, 2013 by Craftylocks


What do you do when you have just made an apple print tree and you still have surplus apples cut up and paint to use? You make apple printed paper ready to use in that craft that will come along one day that needs some colorful hand made paper!

You really only need half an apple for this, so it is not a great craft for using up a surplus crop, but a great craft for having some fun and making some great decorated paper.

Cut an apple in half and and push a fork into the round part of the apple so that the fork can be used as a handle.

Dry the cut side and press it onto the paint, or use a brush to paint it onto the cut surface of the apple. Then press it onto some blank paper. It works best if you ‘re-load’ the paint onto the apple each time you make a print.

We almost always do this sort of printing as a layer of three primary colors, starting with the darkest so that the colors can be seen through each other.

If you are following the same color scheme that we did, then load the apple with blue paint and press it on the paper. Repeating a few times, spreading them across the paper.

Wipe the apple clean, and then when the blue apple prints are dry, load the apple with red paint and print on the paper, overlapping the blue apples a little.

Repeat with the yellow paint – cool!

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Saint Patricks Day Garland
Mar 14th, 2013 by Craftylocks

Super quick and easy paper craft decoration to get the children to do when you suddenly remember the O’Briens are coming round to celebrate St Patrick’s Day at your place!

Start with a green piece of printer size paper and cut it in half lengthways – you will now have two strips of paper. Fold each one into a concertina – folding it into four usually works really well. Draw a shamrock shape on the front, making sure that the edges of the picture go on the edge of the paper.

Cut the shape out and when you open it you will have a row of shamrocks ready to decorate the wall. Repeat on the other piece of paper and tape them together – keep repeating to make it as long as you like.

If you do happen to do this as a leisurely planned activity, you can also have lots of fun decorating your garland with drawings, glitter, stickers and the like.

This is a great paper craft for children to do independently, and to help them I have a Paper Garland Tutorial.

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Apple Print Tree
Mar 13th, 2013 by Craftylocks


In this part of the world we are heading into Autumn (Fall) and our many many apple trees are laden! I go and pick buckets full of apples and it does not even look like I have been near the trees! So I have been making fruit leather, stewed apple, apple puddings and now apple art.

I hope you remember this craft when it is apple season in your part of the world, or if you cannot wait – you can probably buy apples all year round anyway – they might even be a New Zealand apple.

This craft would be great as a family or class craft. Start with everyone using hand prints to create the leaves of the tree. If there are lots of children involved, a little crowd control of having only a few children with painted hands at a time, will help minimize the mess. To make the hand print you can either press the hand onto some thinly spread paint, or paint soaked into a sponge, or you can use a brush to paint the hand.

While the hand print leaves are drying, cut an apple in half and press a fork into the round part to use as a handle.

Dry the cut side and press it onto the paint, or use a brush to paint it onto the cut surface of the apple. Then press it onto the hand print tree. It works best if you ‘re-load’ the paint onto the apple each time you make a print.

But the print-making does not need to end here! Using a different shade of green paint, make a leaf at the top of each apple with a finger print. For a classroom tree you could instead cut the leaves out of paper and write a childs name on each one and then glue them onto the apples. You could glue them just at the base of the leaf and curl the leaf out a little bit to make them stand out a bit more.

I did think that we could have done the tree trunk with foot prints – but by this stage the paint was starting to spread far and wide so I took the easy way out and just painted it.

We just loved the pattern the apple prints made so we did other apple print crafts as well. Have a look at our beautiful apple print paper.

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