Cup Cake Paper Wreath
December 12th, 2012 by Craftylocks


I wonder if you can tell I was thinking about Christmas crafts whilst baking when this idea popped into my head?

This would also be good as a class or other children’s group craft activity. Each child could decorate their own cup cake case for the group wreath. Or as a teacher led decoration for the group – each child’s photo could be glued into a cup cake case to make the wreath.

You will need some cup cake, or patty cake papers for the main part of this craft. This one uses mini ones, but you could also do it with a mixture of sizes. The basis of the wreath is a circle of card – just cut from a packing box and painted white.

There are lot of ways you could decorate the cup cake papers for the wreath, this one uses a few different methods.

To decorate the cup cake papers, dip the edges into the white craft glue and then into the glitter and set aside to dry. Then I rolled chenille sticks into spirals and glued them in the cases. I drew stars on paper with glitter glue and glued them in the bottom of the cases and also glued some glitter pom poms in them as well.

Glue the patty papers onto the wreath. I started with the inside circle first, then the outside circle and then filled in the center.

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