Cardboard Roll Crafts
July 15th, 2012 by Craftylocks

You can recycle cardboard rolls or tubes into so many fabulous paper crafts for children. We have used toilet paper rolls, but you can use any sort of cardboard roll, or even make your own by rolling up a piece of card.

Cardboard Tube Reindeer
Make a row of these cute little guys for a great seasonal decoration.
Rattling Cardboard Tubes
Get rattling and rolling with these.
Cardboard Roll Sandcastles
A great craft if it is summer in your part of the world, or you want to recall summer.
Cardboard Tube Birdie
Crafting with the children is very exciting when they start to make up their own crafts, like my daughter did with this.
Cardboard Tube Telescope
She also showed me how to make this craft too.
Cardboard Roll Glasses
I spy a fun craft here.
Cardboard Roll and Hand Shape Spiders
These very rare spiders are only found in boxes of craft materials.
Paper Roll Fish
These made a splash in our craft box!
Cardboard Roll Penguin
A cool cardboard craft
Giant Spring Flower
Use all sorts of paper items, including cardboard rolls, in this fab flower.
Cardboard Construction Car
Roll those cardboard rolls out for wheels too!
Newspaper Tree
A craft with extra recycling bonus – recycle some newspaper too.
Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly.
Can there be such a thing as too many butterfly crafts?
Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies
No, you cannot have too many butterfly crafts.
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