Making Arrows for Dress Up
June 16th, 2012 by Craftylocks

We approach any opportunity to dress up with enthusiasm, and usually lots of paper to make our costumes. This opportunity was to go as your favorite character from a book. There was no question who that was for our daughter – Will from Rangers Apprentice. That character called for arrows!

A bit of scavenging in the garden found the stalks from agapantha flowers – they are straight and easy to cut – perfect!

We cut a slot in each end of the stalk. At one end we slotted an arrow head cut from cardboard.

At the other end we cut a sort of feather shaped end from card. We also cut a shape in it to allow it to fit over the stalk. It is also pushed into the slot cut in the stalk.

Repeat a few times and some fabulous arrows. Not pictured here, but we also made a great bow from some plaited wool and a nice bendy bit of grape vine.

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