Hand Print and Hand Shape Arts and Crafts
May 29th, 2012 by Craftylocks

Put your hands together for these handy crafts.

It is probably not normal to be excited about being able to make super cute elephants out of hand prints, but I was very excited when we made these. The hand print makes the perfect elephant shape once you add a few details.
The fish is very popular in hand print art circles! It is very easy for a child to add just a few details to their hand print and they have a fish. Make a tropical fish by painting a pattern on the hand before printing it.
Another classic hand print, and for a very good reason. What a perfect way to tug at heart strings!
Hand and Foot Shape Reindeer
Trace a foot, and print some hands to create this cute reindeer.
Hand Print Santa
Perfect for making Christmas Greeting Cards.
Thanksgiving Turkey
Make a whole lot of these and you will have a rafter of turkeys. I had to look that one up, but apparently that is what a group of turkey’s is called.
Hand Print Ghosts
A spooktastic craft.
Autumn or Fall Hand Leaf Tree
The whole family can have a hand in this craft.
Hand Shape and Tissue Paper Tree
Don’t stop with the hand, put the whole arm into this craft.
Hand Print Octopus
This hand print picture will make a splash
Hand Print Sheep
Sheep or perhaps a sheep dog? – but either way a cute craft.
Hand Print Butterfly
Find the shapes created by your hand print to create this butterfly
Hand Shape Frog
Easy and effective frog craft like this is very handy to know about!
Hand Print Fish
One of the classic hand print crafts for great reason – hands turn into a school of fish very easily
Paper Hand Lilies
One of the best – a very effective craft that is very easy
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Color Wheel Spinner
May 27th, 2012 by Craftylocks

A simple activity that children find fascinating.

We had lots of fun experimenting with this. I prepared the basic shape and divided it up into sections for the children to color and then they experimented with different color combinations, including having two circles on one wheel.

This is also a great paper craft to help teach color mixing, our children were correctly predicting the colors they were going to create. But for a child not quite sure what to expect it would be exciting to have the blue and yellow color wheel turn green when they spin it.

There are two ways to spin these. One is with a short pencil and spin it on a table like a spinning top, but the children found it easier to have the color wheel on a longer pencil and then roll the pencil back and forth between two hands.

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Concertina Paper Butterfly
May 23rd, 2012 by Craftylocks

Who would have thought that a chenille stick and couple of pieces of paper could look so beautiful. This craft requires little effort yet looks FANtastic when completed. You can use already decorated paper like scrap-booking paper. They look better if you put the stronger pattern or color on the bottom. You could also use pages from magazines or children’s paintings.

Fold the piece of paper that you have selected to use as the top wings of the butterfly in a concertina. Fold the second piece of paper in the same way but make the folds only 2/3 as wide.
Fold both wings in half and then cut to shape.
Fasten the wings together by twisting a chenille stick around them both.
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Cotton Bud Dots Paintings
May 20th, 2012 by Craftylocks

We had a child that was disappointed about missing an Australian Aboriginal Art inspired art lesson at school, so we did our own. Wow, how much fun and effective this art technique is

We each used a different way to approach the design to use. We had one using the shape of something – a seahorse, another doing a wavy line and circles, and the third starting with a blob shape. I suggest the blob shape as a great design to use when first having a go with this technique.

So start with a basic design on paper – keep it really simple. Then using cotton buds dipped in paint – start making dots to fill in your shapes and create some very cool patterns.

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Easy Origami Paper Crafts for Children
May 15th, 2012 by Craftylocks

I have been getting a quite a few comments about folk enjoying the easy origami crafts I have put on papercraftsforchildren. So I at last have updated this list to gather them all up for you!

Origami is one of the best paper crafts for children to play around with. You need minimal materials, just some square paper, and there are activities suitable for all abilities. The ones I list here are easy and I reckon look really good.

Two hard to explain how this one flies – so you will just have to make it and find out.
This was an essential craft in my childhood – make sure your children can make one too. This version has a St Patricks Day flavour.
Only a few more steps involved for this slightly different hat.
Hop your way over to check this craft out.
Learnt and demonstrated by the youngest crafter in our family!
Can’t have a list of origami crafts for children without this one!
This origami craft really just has two folds!
Two Fold Origami Fish
Have fun folding and then have fun snapping.
Paper Snapper
Not quite origami as it involves scissors – lots of fun!
Kirigami Paper Crown
This is one of my favorite Origami sculptures. It is easy to make, and can be used to hold all sorts of things. Origami Star Box Tutorial
This one is so much easier to make than it looks! And super cute too! Origami Bunny Tutorial
origami-tulips This photo combines two different Origami sculptures, a tulip and a leaf and stalk. The leaf and stalk could be used for any Origami flower so it is a handy one. The tulip is a perfect tulip shape and again, really easy to make. Origami Tulip Tutorial Stalk and Leaf Tutorial

For more info about Origami and some basic folds check out my ‘What is Origami?’ article.

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Origami Tumbling Butterfly
May 10th, 2012 by Craftylocks

I love origami crafts that are very simple and create something fun – this is just that sort of paper craft!

You start of course with a square piece of paper. Fold it across the diagonal and unfold to make a crease.

Fold it across the other diagonal.

Fold it back on itself as pictured.

Fold it in half on the crease.

Fold the top part down, so that the fold lines up with the top of the triangle shaped section poking out. Do the same on the other side

Open the wings back up again. It looks a little like a plane or butterfly, hold the small body part with your fingers and throw it like you would a paper plane. It does not fly through the air but tumbles around and around and down – very cool!

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