Brown Paper Bag Bunny
April 4th, 2012 by Craftylocks


Brown paper is a great paper for crafts. This paper bag bunny looks great just made with the plain brown paper, but you could certainly use a colored bag or paint it.

The main materials you will need are a paper bag with a flat bottom, some length of ribbon, twine or string, and light weight card. You will also need a marker, some newspaper and a bit of glue.

Scrunch up the brown paper bag three or four times. This softens the bag to make it easier to shape and also adds a nice texture to the bunny.

Tear strips of newspaper, scrunch up and pop inside the bag.

Tie a piece of ribbon or twine around the bag to make a neck bow.

Scrunch up some more newspaper to make the head. Do not over fill as you need the top of the bag to close.

Cut a strip of brown card and shape the ends to resemble ears.

Curl the ends of the strip down and glue in place. I left my bunny upside down while the glue dried as this also closes the top of the bag.

Cut out the feet and front paws and use the marker to draw the toes.

Glue in place. Draw the face using a marker.

For the tail, I ran a line of glue along a piece of garden string and rolled it up but you could use a cotton ball or pompom if you have one.

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