Papier Mache Easter Egg
April 3rd, 2012 by Craftylocks


This eggy paper craft reminds my crafty friend of the Royal Icing Eggs she was given at Easter when she was a child. You will need a balloon pump to blow up the water balloon – apparently the crafty lass tried to do it herself and just about passed out!

As well as some water balloons and a balloon pump, you will need the usual papier mache ingredients – newspaper and white glue – or paste if you prefer. You will also need some tissue paper for this craft.

Blow up the water balloon using a balloon pump. Make it any size you wish but do not over full as it may pop while drying. Tear the newpaper into small squares.

Mix the white glue with water so it is about the consistency of pouring cream. White glue dries harder than paste but paste can be used if you wish.

Dip newsprint in the glue and place on the balloon until covered. You will need to do at least three layers.

Leave to dry.

Once dry, hold the balloon by the knot (don’t let go) and pop it with something sharp. As the balloon deflates, it will come away from the sides. Remove the balloon and throw away.

Draw a design on the egg shape. Keep it simple.

Tear the tissue paper into pieces. Screw up the small pieces of tissue dip in the PVA and stick it on the egg. It is best to start with the designs first and then fill in the rest last.

Yum – that looks so good – I hope Easter Bunny brings me one of those icing eggs!

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