Cardboard Tube Telescope
Apr 30th, 2012 by Craftylocks

I can’t remember what I was making, but my daughter was sitting with me making things too – this one she made from her memory of something she had seen in a book. The only thing I helped her with was painting the yellow strips around the edges of the tubes, she did everything else herself.

At first I did not take photos of the steps and it was just a bit hard to follow what was happening, so we repeated the steps so we could get some photos up here – we did miss out the painting step though as you can see what it looks like from our first painted telescope..

You need three cardboard tubes, or one long one cut into three equal lengths. This is made from recycled some toilet paper tubes. You will also need some ribbon. You need four equal lengths of ribbon, each just a bit longer than the length of the tube.

The first task is to paint all the tubes, we painted them with a yellow rim around each one, it turns out to be very effective having that bit painted a different color.

Cut two of the tubes down the length.

Roll them a little tighter so that they have a smaller circumference and tape them along the cut edge. The aim is to have the three of them all fit together – so one will need to be a bit smaller than than the big one, and then the other a little smaller again.

Tape the top of two pieces of ribbon to the inside bottom of the smallest tube – on opposite sides of the tube.

Then push the end of that smallest tube into the top of the middle sized tube and drop the ribbon down the inside of the middle sized tube and tape it to the bottom of the middle sized tube, so that when you pull the tubes apart, they can only go so far as they are held together by the ribbon.

Repeat that with the middle sized and largest tube. You will end up with the three of them nested inside each other and when pulled apart they only go as far as pictured as they are held together by the ribbon.

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Braille Paper Craft
Apr 20th, 2012 by Craftylocks


This is a special craft for children. As well as it being fascinating for them to see their name in a different language, it is also a great learning opportunity.
Using a braille alphabet, write some names using a pencil to make the dots first – leaving plenty of room between each letter. Go over the pencil marks with white glue, acrylic paint, or nail varnish to make raised dots. Once the names are dry, try reading the names with your fingers.
We made our braille names on a folded piece of paper so that we could easily check what the name was.
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Paper and Peg Dino
Apr 16th, 2012 by Craftylocks


This is a no mess paper craft for children, and other creative folk, who like dinosaurs.

You will need some corrugated card and small wooden spring pegs

Fold the corrugated card in half so the textured sides are together.

Draw an outline of the basic shape of a Stegosaurus with the bottom of the feet on the fold. Cut out leaving the bottom of the feet uncut.

Open and fold again so the textured side is on the outside.

Pop your pegs in place and draw an eye with the black marker.

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Paper Cone Mouse
Apr 11th, 2012 by Craftylocks


If I ever do a book of super quick crafts – this mouse will be in it! As well as being speedy to make, you do not even need any glue.
You need a half circle and an oblong shaped pieces of paper.
Roll the half circle into a cone, leaving a small hole at the top of the cone, and tape it together. Cut a slit into the cone as pictured.
Fold the oblong piece of paper in half and cut some ear shapes out of it. Push the ears into the slit.
Push the pipe cleaner through the hole in the cone, roll the end of it into a little ball for the nose and pull the pipe cleaner until the nose is sitting snuggly in place. Add eyes and any other features you may want on your mouse.
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Brown Paper Bag Bunny
Apr 4th, 2012 by Craftylocks


Brown paper is a great paper for crafts. This paper bag bunny looks great just made with the plain brown paper, but you could certainly use a colored bag or paint it.

The main materials you will need are a paper bag with a flat bottom, some length of ribbon, twine or string, and light weight card. You will also need a marker, some newspaper and a bit of glue.

Scrunch up the brown paper bag three or four times. This softens the bag to make it easier to shape and also adds a nice texture to the bunny.

Tear strips of newspaper, scrunch up and pop inside the bag.

Tie a piece of ribbon or twine around the bag to make a neck bow.

Scrunch up some more newspaper to make the head. Do not over fill as you need the top of the bag to close.

Cut a strip of brown card and shape the ends to resemble ears.

Curl the ends of the strip down and glue in place. I left my bunny upside down while the glue dried as this also closes the top of the bag.

Cut out the feet and front paws and use the marker to draw the toes.

Glue in place. Draw the face using a marker.

For the tail, I ran a line of glue along a piece of garden string and rolled it up but you could use a cotton ball or pompom if you have one.

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Papier Mache Easter Egg
Apr 3rd, 2012 by Craftylocks


This eggy paper craft reminds my crafty friend of the Royal Icing Eggs she was given at Easter when she was a child. You will need a balloon pump to blow up the water balloon – apparently the crafty lass tried to do it herself and just about passed out!

As well as some water balloons and a balloon pump, you will need the usual papier mache ingredients – newspaper and white glue – or paste if you prefer. You will also need some tissue paper for this craft.

Blow up the water balloon using a balloon pump. Make it any size you wish but do not over full as it may pop while drying. Tear the newpaper into small squares.

Mix the white glue with water so it is about the consistency of pouring cream. White glue dries harder than paste but paste can be used if you wish.

Dip newsprint in the glue and place on the balloon until covered. You will need to do at least three layers.

Leave to dry.

Once dry, hold the balloon by the knot (don’t let go) and pop it with something sharp. As the balloon deflates, it will come away from the sides. Remove the balloon and throw away.

Draw a design on the egg shape. Keep it simple.

Tear the tissue paper into pieces. Screw up the small pieces of tissue dip in the PVA and stick it on the egg. It is best to start with the designs first and then fill in the rest last.

Yum – that looks so good – I hope Easter Bunny brings me one of those icing eggs!

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