Paper Cup Easter Baskets
March 31st, 2012 by Craftylocks

Another craft and so soon! This is thanks to some help from a crafty friend of mine – as soon as we can think of a suitable craftilicious name for her (which I am sure you appreciate is critical), then I will introduce her properly. But for now, back to the craft …


This is an easy basket for children to craft up and fill with baking or other treats for a gift for someone, but make sure they make one to keep as well.

You will need:
Paper cup
Glue stick
Split pins
Pin or other sharp object

Paint the paper cups and let them dry. Well this is what we did – you may have another preferred method of decorating them.

Decorate with little squares of paper or card. You could of course use any little treasures in your craft box or even write a special message on the cup.

Poke two holes in each side of the cup for the split pins using something sharp. Cut two strips from card to make the handles.

Poke a split pin through each end of each strip and then attach it to the cup using the holes. I crossed the handles over before securing to the cup.

The final two steps are pretty important so make sure you follow them very carefully.
1. Fill the cup with treats
2. Eat the treats

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