Paper Strip Heart Decoration
February 3rd, 2012 by Craftylocks

I loved making the simple heart decoration that we did this time last year, this version has a few more strips – a few of each would look great hanging together.

You will need
6 strips of paper in three colors
1 short strip
2 split pins or you can use a stapler

Lay the strips in two sets of three.

Take the shorter strip and fold it in half – the intention of this folded bit is to create a loop for hanging the decoration. Place it on top of one of the sets of three strips with cut edges together.

Lay the second set of strips on the other side of the folded strip – again with cut edges together so the folded strip is sandwiched between them. Using the sharp point of the scissors, make a small hole through all the layers of paper and secure with the split pin, or staple them together.

Lay the strips on their edge on a table and pull around the outer strips to form a heart. Repeat with the other layers making each layer slightly bigger than the last. Secure with the split pin or staple.

Cut the edges near the split pins to a point to neaten them.

Tie a piece of string or ribbon to the centre loop to hang.

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