Easy Paper Strip Bowl
Jan 21st, 2012 by Craftylocks


This is a great wee bowl that is easy to make and requires no glue, but just don’t try and serve ice-cream in it (or soup).

What you need
1 printer size sheet of light card
1 extra strip of card
Hole punch

Cut the piece of card into five strips lengthways. Cut the extra strip of card in to three even lengths. Discard one.

Using the hole punch, punch a hole in both ends of each of the strips of card.

Roll each around a thin stick like a skewer.

Push the rolled card through one hole of each of five strips. Repeat with the other short piece of card.

Twist the strips so they spread out and create the shape of the bowl.

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Finger in a Matchbox Trick
Jan 18th, 2012 by Craftylocks


A crafty friend told me about the fun she had with this as a child and shared with me how to do it …

“This trick gave me endless entertainment when I was a child. Nearly every child at my school had their ‘cut off’ finger in a match box and even though we were all knew how the trick worked, there was still something pleasingly revolting about looking in the match box. ”

What you will need
1 empty match box
Cotton wool
Red food coloring

Slide the box out of the cover and cut away the sections as shown.

Lay a piece of cotton wool (you could use a folded tissue instead) in the bottom of the box.

Dribble some red food coloring onto the cotton wool about half way down the length of the box. Slide the box back into the cover.

To play the trick, put you index finger into the hole in the bottom and practice holding the box with your thumb and middle finger so it looks natural. Tell your friends that you cut your finger off and ask them if they want to see it. Slide the box open and there your finger will lay looking lifeless on a blood soaked bed of cotton wool!

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Origami Samuri Hat
Jan 13th, 2012 by Craftylocks


There is not much more to folding this hat than there is the basic sailor hat.
Fold a square of paper into a triangle, position the open corner of the triangle to the bottom.
Fold one top corner of the triangle over so that it meets the bottom corner.
Do the same with the other corner.
Fold both of the tips up – just the top layer of paper, so that they meet the top corner.
Fold each of the upward pointing tips out.
There are now two large triangle on the bottom. Fold the top layer triangle up most of the way.
Fold the remaining strip of that triangle up over the top part of the hat.
Fold the remaining large triangle up and into the hat. Your hat is now ready for you to pop on and face the day.
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Pleated Flower with Button
Jan 9th, 2012 by Craftylocks


These pretty flowers are great for decorating lots of different things. They are of course great attached to a drinking straw and made into a gorgeous bouquet but you can also pop them onto greeting cards, wrapped gifts or attach to a twig.

Gather up some pretty paper like the one we made using crepe paper as a dye, a button, a pipe cleaner cut in half and a glue stick.

Fold the sheet of paper into a concertina.

Fold the length of concertina’d paper and cut the ends off on an angle. Push a length of pipe-cleaner through two holes in the button.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the center of the folded paper. Twist to secure.

Using the glue stick, join the sides together to make a circle. If you find that the concertina is flattening out too much, cut the length of paper shorter.

Use the excess pipe-cleaner to secure the flower on to what you want.

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Using Crepe Paper to Dye Paper
Jan 5th, 2012 by Craftylocks


Let your imagination run wild with this technique. You can make random patterns or mosaic pictures using this technique and it is lots of fun.

What you will need;
Crepe paper in different colors
Sheets of printer paper
Spray bottle of water

Lay a sheet of paper on the tray. Place the pieces of crepe paper in the pattern you wish.

Spray liberally with water. The more water you spray on the crepe paper the more intense the color transferred. Do not be afraid of getting the paper quite wet.

Lay another sheet of printer paper over the wet crepe paper and put another layer of crepe paper. Continue with as many layers as you wish making sure you spray water over each layer. It is a bit like making a lasagna and it means you will have paper dyed on both sides.

Press down to make sure the water penetrates and leave for 10 minutes. Remove layers and hang each sheet to dry.

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Magazine Tree
Jan 3rd, 2012 by Craftylocks


This was supposed to be a Christmas craft but I was a bit late getting it ready – then I thought that you may have some extra magazines from holiday reading that need to be used, well this is the craft for that!

Use a magazine with a bound spine rather than a flimsy stapled one.

Open the magazine to the first page. Take the top right hand corner and bring it to the centre and fold. This should be tucked as far into the spine as possible.

Tuck the folded edge into the center spine and make another fold.

Fold the triangle section up so the fold lines up with the bottom edge of the page.

Fold the rest of the pages in the same way.

Carefully fold the front and back covers to match the rest and then glue them together.

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