Rudolf the Red-Nosed Toilet Roll Reindeer
December 16th, 2011 by Craftylocks

I love the crazy antlers on this reindeer

What you will need:
1x Empty toilet roll
Brown, black and white paint
Paint brush
1 x small glitter pom pom
2 x googly eyes
2 x black pipe-cleaners
Black marker

What to do
Paint the outside of the toilet roll with the brown paint. Leave to dry.

Cut legs into the bottom of the toilet roll.

Paint on the hooves using the black paint. Leave to dry

Paint a white strip above the black hooves and leave to dry.

Using the point of the scissors, make a hole either side of the top of the toilet roll for the antlers. Make sure you take into account the position of the legs when making the holes.

Cut both pipe-cleaners in half. Thread one through each hole twisting it back on itself to secure.

Take the other half and wrap it around the middle of one of the antlers to secure in place. Bend the pipe-cleaners to make them look like crazy antlers.

Stick on the nose and then eyes. Draw on the mouth using the black marker.

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