Christmas Tree Party Activity
December 13th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Around this time of year we usually have a bit of a party and I try to have a few activities set up that are easy and fun for any children that turn up. I have not tried this one before so I do not yet know how it will turn out. But the plan is that those that feel so inclined will decorate this very bare tree with lots of decorations and presents underneath it.

This tree is painted on a large bit of hardboard we had in the shed, I have taped the edges to prevent splinters!

The dog under the tree is not a gift, she is to demonstrate how large the tree is. So there is plenty of room for lots of children to use the boxes of felts I will have handy, to cover this tree with decorations.

Well of course things did not go completely as planned – but not in a bad way! The weather was lovely, and the children were all far too busy to sit down and draw, so we only had a couple of ornaments drawn on the tree – but they are still very cool. This may turn into an annual tree decoration activity – where a few ornaments are drawn on each year. Which would be a lovely crafty addition to our family Christmas traditions.

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