Paper Strip Baubles
December 3rd, 2011 by Craftylocks


These baubles are beautiful and fun to make. It is a good idea to decorate the sheet of paper the night before or at least several hours before you want to put the bauble together. If the glue is not completely dry you will end up with a smeared mess – I wonder how we know that?

You will need:

Sheet of colored light weight card
Hole punch or something sharp to make a hole for the split pin
2 split pin fasteners
Thread or wire

To decorate your card or paper, drizzle the glue in a random pattern and sprinkle the glitter over it so it sticks to all the lines of glue. Shake the card to encourage the loose glitter to find uncovered areas of glue. Remember to allow lots of time for the glue to dry before you go on to the next step.
Once the glue has dried (have I mentioned that you really really need to leave it to dry properly?), cut the card or paper into eight even strips.
Lay the eight strips on top of one another and make a hole at each end of the strips. Remember that the hole needs to be smaller than the head of the split pin you are using. 

Push the split pin through the hole and fasten. Repeat this process with the other end so you have eight layers of card with a split pin at either end.

This next step is where you find out if your glue is dry enough (see above about leaving to dry properly). Gently separate each of the eight layers to form a ball shape. The first piece requires a bit of a twisting but the rest are easy.
You now have beautiful baubles! Tie the thread or wire to the top and your bauble is ready to hang. 

If you want to make smaller baubles, use colored paper rather than card and make the strips slightly narrower.

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