Crepe Paper Christmas Tree
Dec 23rd, 2011 by Craftylocks

Have I got time to sneak one more craft in before Christmas? I think so – let’s try this one!

This is a lovely wee tree that uses crepe paper twist chains to decorate it.

What you will need
1 US letter or A4 sheet of card
Crepe paper in the colour of your choice
Glue stick

Trace around a dinner plate and fold to make a half circle. Cut out with the scissors and fold over to create a cone shape. Glue to secure.

Cut a strip from the end of the folded crepe paper.

Unroll and using your thumb and forefinger, twist twice to secure. Repeat along the length of crepe paper using your thumb as a guide to get a uniform size.

Cover the cone shape with glue from the glue stick and then attach the crepe paper chain starting at the top of the tree and spiralling down. Repeat with the other colours of crepe paper.

This tree looks good as it is but you could add some glitter shapes, pompoms or whatever you fancy.

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Rudolf the Red-Nosed Toilet Roll Reindeer
Dec 16th, 2011 by Craftylocks

I love the crazy antlers on this reindeer

What you will need:
1x Empty toilet roll
Brown, black and white paint
Paint brush
1 x small glitter pom pom
2 x googly eyes
2 x black pipe-cleaners
Black marker

What to do
Paint the outside of the toilet roll with the brown paint. Leave to dry.

Cut legs into the bottom of the toilet roll.

Paint on the hooves using the black paint. Leave to dry

Paint a white strip above the black hooves and leave to dry.

Using the point of the scissors, make a hole either side of the top of the toilet roll for the antlers. Make sure you take into account the position of the legs when making the holes.

Cut both pipe-cleaners in half. Thread one through each hole twisting it back on itself to secure.

Take the other half and wrap it around the middle of one of the antlers to secure in place. Bend the pipe-cleaners to make them look like crazy antlers.

Stick on the nose and then eyes. Draw on the mouth using the black marker.

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Christmas Tree Party Activity
Dec 13th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Around this time of year we usually have a bit of a party and I try to have a few activities set up that are easy and fun for any children that turn up. I have not tried this one before so I do not yet know how it will turn out. But the plan is that those that feel so inclined will decorate this very bare tree with lots of decorations and presents underneath it.

This tree is painted on a large bit of hardboard we had in the shed, I have taped the edges to prevent splinters!

The dog under the tree is not a gift, she is to demonstrate how large the tree is. So there is plenty of room for lots of children to use the boxes of felts I will have handy, to cover this tree with decorations.

Well of course things did not go completely as planned – but not in a bad way! The weather was lovely, and the children were all far too busy to sit down and draw, so we only had a couple of ornaments drawn on the tree – but they are still very cool. This may turn into an annual tree decoration activity – where a few ornaments are drawn on each year. Which would be a lovely crafty addition to our family Christmas traditions.

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Set of Greeting Cards
Dec 7th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Some occasions call for a set of greeting cards – so here is one way of making a very special set of invitation or thank you cards. Although there are many many simple print making techniques that can be used, I really like this polystyrene tray print making method. It is simple to do and you are also recycling at the same time. Note that if you want to do text, you will need to do it in reverse so that it prints correctly.

We usually do our simple design onto paper first and then transfer it onto the polystyrene tray by positioning the paper on the tray and pressing firmly with a pencil. The pencil will dent the tray. Then working directly on the tray, go over the image again so that it is firmly dented into the tray.
Apply paint onto the tray, use a roller or dabber.
Carefully place the painted side of the tray onto your paper and press firmly. I usually pick up the two and gently rub with my finger to make sure all the paint is picked up. Do not leave them together for too long in case the paper becomes glued to the polystyrene tray. Then repeat until you have plenty.
Glue each image onto a simple folded piece of card. To continue the consistency theme you could also print out the same message to glue on the inside of each card.
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Paper Strip Baubles
Dec 3rd, 2011 by Craftylocks


These baubles are beautiful and fun to make. It is a good idea to decorate the sheet of paper the night before or at least several hours before you want to put the bauble together. If the glue is not completely dry you will end up with a smeared mess – I wonder how we know that?

You will need:

Sheet of colored light weight card
Hole punch or something sharp to make a hole for the split pin
2 split pin fasteners
Thread or wire

To decorate your card or paper, drizzle the glue in a random pattern and sprinkle the glitter over it so it sticks to all the lines of glue. Shake the card to encourage the loose glitter to find uncovered areas of glue. Remember to allow lots of time for the glue to dry before you go on to the next step.
Once the glue has dried (have I mentioned that you really really need to leave it to dry properly?), cut the card or paper into eight even strips.
Lay the eight strips on top of one another and make a hole at each end of the strips. Remember that the hole needs to be smaller than the head of the split pin you are using. 

Push the split pin through the hole and fasten. Repeat this process with the other end so you have eight layers of card with a split pin at either end.

This next step is where you find out if your glue is dry enough (see above about leaving to dry properly). Gently separate each of the eight layers to form a ball shape. The first piece requires a bit of a twisting but the rest are easy.
You now have beautiful baubles! Tie the thread or wire to the top and your bauble is ready to hang. 

If you want to make smaller baubles, use colored paper rather than card and make the strips slightly narrower.

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