Origami Jumping Frog
September 12th, 2011 by Craftylocks


Being able to create something out of paper just by folding it is a cool craft in itself – but even more cool when it jumps!

Start with a square of paper. Fold the opposite sides together, unfold and repeat with the other sides. You will now have two creases going across the square.

Fold each of the four corners to the center where the crease cross each other.

Fold the two top edges to the center line.

Fold the triangle at the bottom up.

Fold the two bottom corners to the middle of the bottom edge.

Fold the bottom section up.

On that section you just folded up – fold the top half of it back down to make the frog’s legs.

Fold a small part of the top point down to create the head. Add some eyes so she can see where she is going.

To help her jump, push down near the bottom and slide your finger away from the frog.


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