Cardboard Roll Penguin
Aug 25th, 2011 by Craftylocks


Such a cute and dapper penguin and fun to make too.

We found this cute paper craft over at Free Kid Crafts and thought he looked fun to make – we were right!

As well as the usual supplies of glue, scissors and a pencil, you will of course need a cardboard tube – an empty toilet paper roll is perfect but you may prefer to use something else. You also need 2 googly eyes, a photocopy size sheet of black card, some orange card for the beak and feet and some white card or paper.

Cover the toilet roll with the black card.

Using a piece of white card or paper cut out a tummy shape that is flat at the bottom and rounded at the top. Cut out two feet and the beak from the orange card and a pair of wings from the leftover black card.

Stick the belly in place.

Press a vertical crease in the wings.

Put two bends in the center of the beak to make a flat edge to glue it to the body of the penguin. Glue the eyes in place above the beak. Glue the wings on.

Once dry, gently bend the wings out a bit so they sit out from the body.

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Giant Spring Flower
Aug 21st, 2011 by Craftylocks


Isn’t it wonderful when a craft idea turns out better than you expected? It is the middle of winter here and this flower has truly brought spring to the kitchen.

Ideally you could make this from all recycled items, but I usually have these in stock more for craft activities like this than for parties. You will need a paper dinner plate, paper cup, an empty toilet roll and an empty long cardboard roll. You will also need some paint – red, orange, yellow and light green, some light green paper and glue. You can use a hot glue gun or white glue, but if you use white goue you must leave it to dry thoroughly

Cut the paper plate into several sections, leave a circle uncut in the center. For younger children it might be a good idea to draw a circle in the middle so they know where to cut up to. I ended up with 14 ‘petals’.

Paint alternate sections in red paint and the remaining sections in orange. Leave to dry.

Cut the paper cup into eight sections …

… fold down and paint yellow. Leave to dry.

Cut the toilet roll into approximately 1cm strips, leaving the bottom 1.5cm-2cm uncut. Fold the strips down. Cut the toilet roll down to size. This will depend on the size of your plate and cup and of course, your personal preference.

Paint the toilet roll using the light green paint. Leave to dry.

Assemble the flower by gluing the cup to the center of the plate and the toilet roll to the center of the cup. If using white glue, apply it liberally to the edges of the cup and toilet roll and once in place, put a bit more glue around the edges. I didn’t think to use a glue gun at this stage so I know this works well. However, you must be patient and let the glue dry for several hours.

Cover the long roll with a piece of A4 paper and cut out two leaf shapes and attach them to the stem.

Using the hot glue gun, glue the flower head to the top of the stem.

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Wiped Paint Rocket
Aug 18th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Add a bit drama to a simple crayoned picture with this technique. It is especially good for pictures in a dark setting like a night time scene, a forest or a space craft rocketing through space.

Draw and color in a picture with crayons. It is good to have some white paper left on the picture. Paint over the entire picture with a dark colored paint, and before it dries, wipe the paint off the crayoned sections. The crayon will resist the paint and it will wipe off easily while the paint is still wet. The paint will soak into the paper and make the crayoned parts stand out.
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Hand Shape Paper Dragon
Aug 14th, 2011 by Craftylocks

I could not resist another hand shape craft any longer! And with dragons a hot favorite in our household this was an irresistible paper craft.

All you need are some colorful paper hand shapes – add a head and a tail and you have a fanciful dragon. You can also add legs and more hand shapes – play around and make a family of them.

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Colored Paper Background
Aug 11th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Try changing one element of the paper you offer to your children to create their artwork on. It is surprising how a simple change can alter their process and result.

In this case we have changed the color of the paper for the artwork, this makes even a simple picture a colorful artwork. I think that a display of these in all different colors on a school wall would look pretty fabulous!

Another similar example from a while ago that you may also want to try is Holey Paper for Children’s Art.

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Simple Finger Puppet
Aug 8th, 2011 by Craftylocks


Dropping a bit of a huge hint about what the next Paper Crafts for Children newsletter is all about by posting this example from it.

But we all have had such fun and made so many of this particular theme that I had to show some of them here too. This one my son whipped up after seeing the ones I had made. I love his monster with all those eyes.

Simple to make, draw a picture of your character on some lightweight card – just make sure there is enough room at the bottom for two finger holes.

Cut the two finger holes, pop some fingers through to become the puppets legs and start the show.

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