Splattered Paint Space Scene
Jul 30th, 2011 by Craftylocks

When I saw this idea I was a bit suspicious as it looked too effective for the simple steps – I thought it may have taken a long time or many practice runs to achieve this affect. But not so, it really is quite simple. Note that this is my attempt, not a child’s, but it is my first attempt.

Pop your black paper in a box to protect the general surround from paint, or head outside. Then to make the milky way background – splatter some white paint onto a black piece of paper by flicking it on with an old toothbrush
Start off your planets by drawing some circles on your paper and then use a rag or a piece of sponge to drag paint on in a curve. Use one color from one side and then use a different color from the other side. The colors will mix up a bit but that just adds to the effect.
Then put this bit of paper in a box to contain the splatters, and splatter some contrasting colors onto the planets.
Once everything is dry, cut out the planets and arrange them on the milky way for a very effective space scene. Now you just need a few space crafts or Martians.
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Instant Zip-lock Bag Butterfly
Jul 26th, 2011 by Craftylocks


This is a paper craft for those looking for super simple crafting!

Great if you want to avoid mess or are in a rush, however children who like to carefully tear up paper and putting things in bags will enjoy taking their time with it.

You just need a zip lock bag, some tissue paper and a chenille stick. You can also use a plastic sandwich bag and sticky tape to close it. Tear up some tissue paper – you can just use two colors which can be quite striking or you can try and squeeze every color you have into it.

Pop the paper into the plastic bag and seal it.

Wind the chenille stick around the middle and use the ends for feelers.

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Masquerade Hand Shape Mask
Jul 20th, 2011 by Craftylocks

This is a double up paper craft, it is a hand shape craft as well a masquerade mask craft.

Trace around a hand twice and glue them together as pictured.
Add on the finery, the glitter and feathers, and you have a handy masquerade mask!
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Rattling Cardboard Tubes
Jul 15th, 2011 by Craftylocks


This is one of the great classic crafts for children. As well as recycling old cardboard tubes, and having some fun decorating – the children also get to make some noise.

The noise is not too annoying – although if you used plastic over the ends instead of paper as we have done, I am sure you could make them louder – but I quite like the more subtle sounding ones.

Just start with some cardboard tubes and tape some paper over one end. We put lots of tape over the paper to make the ends able to withstand vigorous shaking.

Pour in some hard things like rice, pasta, seeds, dried peas or beans or whatever else you are able to find. We tested the sound after putting it in by holding my hand over the open end and having a test shake. We decided against sunflower seeds after testing them as they were a bit light.

Then cover the other end and tape it shut. Time for some decorating fun! We made three and each is different. We painted one, covered another with contact film and tape, and then glued bits of tissue paper on one. Each is also filled with different materials – we thought the rice made the nicest sound.

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Paper and Pipe Cleaner Caterpillar
Jul 9th, 2011 by Craftylocks


A cutie of a paper craft for children – and perfect for those days that you do not want to get the glue or paint out for!

For younger children I suggest cutting lots of circles cut out of paper beforehand so that the children can get straight into the creating. As well as all the circles of paper from lots of different colors, you will also need a pipe-cleaner.

Poke a hole in the center of each circle of paper and then it is just a case of threading them onto the pipe cleaner.

Fold each end of the pipe cleaner over to hold the circles on and make sure to draw a face on one end to give the caterpillar some character.

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Crayon Batik Fish Picture
Jul 2nd, 2011 by Craftylocks

This fabulously fishy picture was made with the crayon batik technique. The full steps for this art technique is at Paper and Crayon Batik.

In summary the steps are …

– take a beautifully crayoned picture and screw it up

– smooth it out reasonably flat again

– brush on some watery paint or dye, something that will be resisted by the crayon

– use a paper towel to soak up any excess paint or dye.
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