Fathers Day Paper Crafts
June 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks

A collection of some special paper crafts for children that they can do for their Dad – which is different times of the year all around the world – here in New Zealand it is on September 5th this year.

Paper Cup Trophy
An award to let Dad know you think he is the best.
Fathers Day Crown for King Dad
Let Dad enjoy one day in the year when he is in charge!
Paper Bag from Decorated Paper
Use your own artwork to make a very special gift bag to put a present in for Dad.
Card from Decorated Paper
You could make a Fathers Day card and matching bag from your own artwork!
My Dad Rocks Paperweight
A great idea for a last minute gift!
Mosaic Pattern for Fathers Day
An effective way to design a card or special picture for Dad.
A Puzzling Gift
Cut up a special picture for a special activity for Dad on Fathers Day.
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