Jun 23rd, 2011 by Craftylocks


Any occasion is a good time for fairy decorations. Find any excuse you can to craft up some of these.
You will need a few assorted items for this one.

Wooden Bead

Pipe Cleaner


Crepe Paper

Paper Flower (optional)

Start by giving your fairy a head of hair. Push the pipe cleaner up through the bead and then back down so that you have a loop at one end of the bead. Pop some wool in the loop for the hair and pull the pipe cleaner down into the bead so that the wool is held snuggly at the top of the bead. If you are using a paper flower – thread it onto the pipe cleaners now and push it up close to the bead.
Push a circle of crepe paper onto the pipe cleaner too. Under the crepe paper skirt, wrap one piece of pipe cleaner around the other a few times to help hold the crepe paper in place. Then trim the longer end of pipe cleaner off.
Wrap the cut off piece of pipe cleaner around the fairy between the bead and the paper flower – these are the arms. Tie a piece of wool around the crepe paper to make a waist on the fairy. Finally draw on a face and then make a friend or 5 for her.
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Fathers Day Paper Crafts
Jun 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks

A collection of some special paper crafts for children that they can do for their Dad – which is different times of the year all around the world – here in New Zealand it is on September 5th this year.

Paper Cup Trophy
An award to let Dad know you think he is the best.
Fathers Day Crown for King Dad
Let Dad enjoy one day in the year when he is in charge!
Paper Bag from Decorated Paper
Use your own artwork to make a very special gift bag to put a present in for Dad.
Card from Decorated Paper
You could make a Fathers Day card and matching bag from your own artwork!
My Dad Rocks Paperweight
A great idea for a last minute gift!
Mosaic Pattern for Fathers Day
An effective way to design a card or special picture for Dad.
A Puzzling Gift
Cut up a special picture for a special activity for Dad on Fathers Day.
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Paper Roll Fish
Jun 11th, 2011 by Craftylocks


Great excitement surrounded reeling this paper craft for children in! These fish are so bright, so easy to make, and look so great.
You will need;

Toilet Paper Roll

Crepe Paper


Bits of Cardboard

Scissors and Glue
Wrap the crepe paper around the toilet paper roll, tuck one end into the toilet paper roll – this is the mouth. Tie a ribbon around the other end and cut strips into the crepe paper to make the tail.
Glue on some fins and eyes and your fish is ready to swim away. You can also add more decorations such as sequins and glitter.
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Origami Lily
Jun 7th, 2011 by Craftylocks


The youngest paper crafter in the family followed some instructions on a chart at school to make this origami lily. I thought it was very cool, so she half remembered and half worked out how to make it again. She demonstrates below. My husbands apologies for the quality of the video, and note it is over 5 minutes long – there are a lot of steps, but also a lot of repetition of steps – each fold is repeated four times.


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Papier Mache Crown
Jun 4th, 2011 by Craftylocks


A perfect time to re-issue this paper craft – first made a year ago!

Borrowing a line from the Cat in the Hat movie, but relating it to papier mache instead of cupcakes … “You can make anything …” out of papier mache. Not sure if that is the exact line but it is something like that. And I love any excuse to make something using one of my favorite paper crafts.

To celebrate the queens birthday holiday weekend, we crafted a crown out of papier mache. A crown is a classic essential for the dress up box and to crown it off, papier mache is a classic paper craft for children! The resulting crown is very cheap to make and it is surprisingly sturdy.

papier-mache_crown1 We used a papier mache pulp on a cardboard base and left it to dry for ages.
papier-mache_crown2 Then we painted it with white paint to make an even base. Then painting it which is brings it to life and is my second favorite step! The best step is having hands in the goopy papier mache pulp when creating the shape.

crown edited onto queenWe were so pleased with our crown we made an exact replica and sent one to the queen of England. We thought that all those heavy crowns that she has to wear would be such a nuisance, and she is such a lovely lady that we wanted to help ease her load. She of course was very nice about our gift and sat for special photo with it. For her next birthday I think that we need to make her some matching earrings!

To learn some more about this paper craft for children have a look at What is Papier Mache?

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