Stand-up Crocodile Card
May 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks


Or is it? My son saw this and commented ‘Wow, cool dinosaur!’. So now I am not sure – let me know if you think crocodile or dino.

I found this craft when I was researching ideas for one of the Paper Crafts for Children newsletters. It was not right for the theme of the newsletter but it is right for this site as it is quick and easy and turns out great.

Start with some green paper or lightweight card. Fold it in half and cut the shape like below, make sure the top of the crocodile (dino) is on the fold.

Cut out the mouth shape and cut angled slits along the fold.

Fold the cuts as pictured to make the ridged back of the crocodile (or dino!).

Add some skin texture with bits of paper like I have done, or you could paint or draw on the crocodile (dino) to decorate it. Add some teeth and an eye and then you just have to decide if you have created a dinosaur or a crocodile – well at least they are related.

You can of course write a message on the inside and use it as a greeting card, but the spikes along the back make it hard to open fully and it looks just great as a standing up critter.

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