Egg Carton Bugs
May 10th, 2011 by Craftylocks


These bugs are so cute you will want to make a whole swarm of them. They are fun and easy to make and don’t take a lot of time either. If your junior crafter has a real interest in bugs and butterflies, try replicating their favorite species using this basic design. Bumblebees and ladybugs just require a little extra decoration using a black permanent marker once the base color has dried.

You will need an egg carton, some chenille sticks (pipe cleaners), pompoms, googly eyes and the usual paint, scissors and glue.

Carefully cut the cups from the egg carton. Try to make them as deep as possible.

Color the cups any color you wish and leave to dry.

Using a needle, or other sharp object, make holes in the cup for the legs and wings to be pushed through. I used a needle followed by a thin nail so the cup didn’t tear and the hole was big enough for the chenille stick to go through.

Cut the chenille stick you wish to use for the legs into six equal lengths.

Bend the chenille sticks into the shape of insect legs with an extra bend to push through the leg holes in the egg carton cup.

Cut the chenille stick for the wings into two equal lengths.

Push the legs through the holes.

Curve into a wing shape and then twist around itself so you are left with just one end of the chenille stick to push through the hole. Once through the hole, bend the chenille stick to secure it in place.

Stick googly eyes to the pompoms. I used a glue gun because I find PVA takes too long to dry. Once dry, glue the eye pompoms to the egg carton cup.

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