Chinese Paper Dragon
May 31st, 2011 by Craftylocks


T’sai Lun of China is credited for inventing paper about 2000 years ago. Perhaps that why there are so many beautiful paper crafts in China. This is a version of a Chinese Paper Dragon that is very easy for children to craft.

You need some card for the head and the tail. You can use the shapes that we have used here, or see what your children come up with. For the body you need a piece of photocopy size paper cut into two long sections as pictured.

Fold each section of photocopy paper into a concertina and glue the two sections together to create the body.

Decorate the head and the tail – we had not used glitter for a while, so we made up for it with this craft!

Glue them all together to create a nice long dragon with a concertina tummy.

Add some straws or sticks to the head and tail and take your dragon for a flight outside or parade through the house.

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Paper Plate Crafts for Children
May 27th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Paper plates might have a minor use at parties – making the cleaning up easier, but I think they may really have been invented for use in paper crafts for children. I have never intentionally looked for paper plate crafts, but have just kept finding lots of great ideas – here are all the ones I have found so far.

Paper Plate Ladybug Hand Puppet
The perfect critter to make with circles is a ladybug of course!
St Patricks Day Paper Plate Door Hanger
This link is a real pot of gold.
Paper Plate Fish
A perfect follow up craft for any fishy story.
Paper Plate Sunflower
Cheer up any day with this fabulous flower craft.
Paper Plate Chicken
It is a snip to make this cute chick.
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Paper Plate Chicken
May 24th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Use lots of hand shapes and a paper plate to make this chirpy chick!

You will need:

Paper plate

1 red hand shape, 2 yellow hand shapes, 2-6 white hand shapes

Assemble the shapes as pictured. For the red comb and yellow feet we thought that the chicken looked better without the thumb on each hand shape. On the wings we layered up some hand shapes and curled the fingers a little to give the wings a feathery look.
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Sun Glasses Mask
May 20th, 2011 by Craftylocks


A very clever way to make a mask! The sun glasses form part of the mask and attach it to your head – very simple and very versatile.
Put your sun glasses on the edge of some cardboard and trace around the top of the sun glasses and mark where the arms sit.
Cut out shapes so you will be able to see through the sun glasses and cut holes for the sun glass arms to go through.
Assemble a mask around the cardboard.
Just pop the sun glasses through the holes you have made and then put them on to wear the mask – so comfortable you will hardly know you are wearing it!
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Stand-up Crocodile Card
May 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks


Or is it? My son saw this and commented ‘Wow, cool dinosaur!’. So now I am not sure – let me know if you think crocodile or dino.

I found this craft when I was researching ideas for one of the Paper Crafts for Children newsletters. It was not right for the theme of the newsletter but it is right for this site as it is quick and easy and turns out great.

Start with some green paper or lightweight card. Fold it in half and cut the shape like below, make sure the top of the crocodile (dino) is on the fold.

Cut out the mouth shape and cut angled slits along the fold.

Fold the cuts as pictured to make the ridged back of the crocodile (or dino!).

Add some skin texture with bits of paper like I have done, or you could paint or draw on the crocodile (dino) to decorate it. Add some teeth and an eye and then you just have to decide if you have created a dinosaur or a crocodile – well at least they are related.

You can of course write a message on the inside and use it as a greeting card, but the spikes along the back make it hard to open fully and it looks just great as a standing up critter.

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Wedding Day Invite Card Designs
May 13th, 2011 by Craftylocks


When my then boyfriend and I were planning a celebration to mark 10 years together, a wedding seemed like a good idea – that wedding party was 12 years ago now. We were extremely budget conscious at that stage and although my parents were covering many costs, we wanted to do things our way – the handmade way. So the invites for our wedding were handmade, the ones here are all the ideas we tried out – lots of good ideas for paper craft invites.

Or get your children involved and use them to create special cards for Mothers or Fathers Day, or Valentines Day – or don’t wait for a reason, just make them because you want to!

Dribble the shape of some hearts with some acrylic paint and when it is dry color the shapes you have made with dye or runny paint.

Dribble a heart shape with acrylic paint or PVA glue and then use that as a print base to take a print from or do a crayon rubbing.

Cut half of a heart shape out of the fold of the card and then paint a heart shape in gold.

Draw a picture into a polystyrene tray with a pen or sharp pencil. Use that as a print base by dabbing or rolling paint onto it and then using the paper to pick up the image.

Dab around the outside of a heart shape with a suitable color and some gold paint for sparkle.

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