Seeded Paper for Gift Cards
April 29th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Handmade paper is a great paper craft for children, this one has something extra to turn it into a great gift for someone special like a Mother for Mothers Day, she can plant your paper and grow a bunch of flowers.

Usually when you make paper you need some special equipment, it is not too hard to organise, but you can also make small amounts of paper without it which we have done here. These specially shaped bits of paper have some seeds added to them while the pulp was still wet.

Tear some paper into little strips. You can use any paper or card as long as it is not coated in plastic. We have used mostly red and pink paper and we ended up with a beautiful pink paper.
Add water and leave to soak at least overnight. You can mix it with a beater – or you can mix it with a child playing in the lovely pulpy mix.
Layer up some towels and use cookie cutters to make your paper shapes. Scoop the pulp into the shapes and smooth it out. Add seeds if you wish and add a little more pulp to hold them.
Remove the cookie cutters and the use another towel to press and squeeze some moistures out of the paper shapes. This also flattens them out.

Once they are dry, you can write some seed planting instructions on them before giving it to someone, or use it as a gift tag.

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