Paper Tube Easter Bunny Family
April 23rd, 2011 by Craftylocks


This wee family will be a great addition to the Easter basket and are fun to make too.

We made these with colored card to make the tubes but you can also use empty toilet paper rolls and paint them. Just make sure you paint the inside of the tube and give them plenty of time to dry.

Cut various width strips from photocopy paper size card. This will give you family members of different heights.

Roll the card to the diameter tube you wish, make a mark and cut off the excess.

Draw on the eyes. Make a hole with the pin to insert the split pin for the nose or glue on a small pompom. Draw on the whiskers.

From the offcuts from the card, draw two ears for each tube and color the centers with a pink crayon. Cut out using the scissors. Glue into place and leave to dry.

Glue one edge of the card and roll into a tube. Keep in place with clothes pegs or paper clips till dry.

Cut bows from scraps of papers to use as bow ties for the boys or hair bows for the girls. Glue into place.

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