Scrunched Tissue Paper Easter Bunny
April 20th, 2011 by Craftylocks


This tissue paper craft is all about creating texture and this cute yellow bunny looks good enough to cuddle.

Draw the outline of a simple bunny shape. I used bowls to trace circles for the body and head. Don’t forget to leave room on the card to draw in the ears but use the whole sheet of card so the picture is not too fiddly to fill in. Draw in the ear, eyes and nose details and cut the bunny shape out.

Tear the tissue paper into small strips.

Scrunch one strip at a time and then dip it into the glue. Stick it in place on the bunny shape. It is best to do the eyes, nose and the pink centers of the ears first.

Fill in the rest of the bunny with the scrunched tissue. I used smaller pieces of tissue around the eyes, nose and ear details.

I covered the card completely with tightly packed tissue but you can play with the texture by scrunching the tissue paper less and letting the color of the card show through. Leave to dry well before cuddling!

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