Easter Bunny Basket
April 19th, 2011 by Craftylocks


This is a simple way to make a basket and uses the same principles as the fold out paper garland. This make a lovely homemade Easter gift especially when filled with goodies.

Fold a photocopy size sheet of card in half but leave a 1cm tab sticking out along one edge. This will be used to attach the sides of the basket together.

Fold each side back on itself to form a concertina – don’t forget to leave the tab sticking out.

Leaving another tab at the bottom of the concertina, draw a circle for the bunny’s head. I used a small lid to trace around. Remember to make sure the circle goes over the edges so that you don’t cut the folds as these folds form the corners of the basket. You will want to have a good bit of fold uncut to ensure the basket is strong enough to hold the treats. Don’t forget to add some ears.

Leaving the concertina folded and making sure the side tab is folded in as well, cut out the bunny cutting through all of the layers.

When you open it up you should have a row of four bunnies and a small tab to join the sides. This would be a good time to draw in the eyes and mouth and color in the ears. But if, like me, you get too involved with constructing the basket to do the drawing bit now, you can still do it later though it makes it a rather fiddly job.

Fold the bottom tabs up. Glue the side tab behind the first bunny’s cheek so it is not seen from the outside. Glue the corners of the bottom tabs together to form a square bottom.

Once dry trace the outline on the extra piece of card and cut it out. Glue the square to the bottom of the basket and leave to dry.

Glue the handle in place. Fill it with some treats, or you can also line the inside with tissue or paper doily first before you add treats.

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