Paper Tumblers
April 2nd, 2011 by Craftylocks
This is a great paper craft for dad’s and children to do together. My husband and daughter had lots of fun making them and racing them down the ironing board ramp they made. My child’s version bet the grown ups hands down in both design and speed!

My son had made them before at school but we found the craft and a template to follow at Made by Joel – a very cool site that had lots more things that my husband wants to make, he might even let the kids help him!

Print out the shape at Joel’s site – or our version. Decorate with a suitable tumbling character, position your drawing in the same place as ours so that when it is assembled you have a character on each side. The fabulous frog is my daughter’s version and the wobbly egg is my husbands – good try honey!

Fold the tabs and tape together as pictured, before you tape up the last section, add two marbles to the inside of your paper tumbler.

Then set up a slope and let the races begin.

We used an ironing board raised at one end for a nice long slope. We found that it was a bit slippery so we lay a towel over it to make the tumbler grip and tumble properly.

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