Seeded Paper for Gift Cards
Apr 29th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Handmade paper is a great paper craft for children, this one has something extra to turn it into a great gift for someone special like a Mother for Mothers Day, she can plant your paper and grow a bunch of flowers.

Usually when you make paper you need some special equipment, it is not too hard to organise, but you can also make small amounts of paper without it which we have done here. These specially shaped bits of paper have some seeds added to them while the pulp was still wet.

Tear some paper into little strips. You can use any paper or card as long as it is not coated in plastic. We have used mostly red and pink paper and we ended up with a beautiful pink paper.
Add water and leave to soak at least overnight. You can mix it with a beater – or you can mix it with a child playing in the lovely pulpy mix.
Layer up some towels and use cookie cutters to make your paper shapes. Scoop the pulp into the shapes and smooth it out. Add seeds if you wish and add a little more pulp to hold them.
Remove the cookie cutters and the use another towel to press and squeeze some moistures out of the paper shapes. This also flattens them out.

Once they are dry, you can write some seed planting instructions on them before giving it to someone, or use it as a gift tag.

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Secret Message Card
Apr 26th, 2011 by Craftylocks


I was looking around for some fun card making techniques suitable for children and this one intrigued me. It looked very confusing and complicated but if you follow the steps it really does work – the secret of how it works is in the weaving.

This post must have the most photos of any that I have done! I am not going to check them all to make sure, but it sure feels like a lot – but for good reason – they will help make it really easy to follow the steps and understand how it works. All the techniques used are nice and simple, but the final card is a bit like magic – a very cool paper craft for children.

Start with two pieces of photocopy size paper in two different colors. Fold one piece of paper with three folds into a concertina as pictured here.

Cut slots along the center fold, the cut should go to the next fold, we did four cuts.

They were not measured or evenly spaced but if you like to be accurate you could measure before cutting.

Cut two strips of paper from the other piece of paper. The strips of paper should be the same width as one of the folded sections on the first piece, so that is quarter of the width. Weave the paper strips in and out of the slots.

Fold the card together.

You will be able to carefully pull the card apart along the center fold – the woven strips and slots enable it to be opened along the center fold.

It looks as though it is solid, but it really does open. But you may just have to do it to see what happens!

It opens all the way and hides the part that was open before.

Cut out some tabs and attach them to the part of the card that does not have any weaving.

This will help the recipient work out how to open the card – you can also write ‘pull’ on them to be extra helpful.

Open the card along the center fold again.

Write the first part of your message.

Open the card out and write the hidden part of the message.

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Paper Tube Easter Bunny Family
Apr 23rd, 2011 by Craftylocks


This wee family will be a great addition to the Easter basket and are fun to make too.

We made these with colored card to make the tubes but you can also use empty toilet paper rolls and paint them. Just make sure you paint the inside of the tube and give them plenty of time to dry.

Cut various width strips from photocopy paper size card. This will give you family members of different heights.

Roll the card to the diameter tube you wish, make a mark and cut off the excess.

Draw on the eyes. Make a hole with the pin to insert the split pin for the nose or glue on a small pompom. Draw on the whiskers.

From the offcuts from the card, draw two ears for each tube and color the centers with a pink crayon. Cut out using the scissors. Glue into place and leave to dry.

Glue one edge of the card and roll into a tube. Keep in place with clothes pegs or paper clips till dry.

Cut bows from scraps of papers to use as bow ties for the boys or hair bows for the girls. Glue into place.

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Scrunched Tissue Paper Easter Bunny
Apr 20th, 2011 by Craftylocks


This tissue paper craft is all about creating texture and this cute yellow bunny looks good enough to cuddle.

Draw the outline of a simple bunny shape. I used bowls to trace circles for the body and head. Don’t forget to leave room on the card to draw in the ears but use the whole sheet of card so the picture is not too fiddly to fill in. Draw in the ear, eyes and nose details and cut the bunny shape out.

Tear the tissue paper into small strips.

Scrunch one strip at a time and then dip it into the glue. Stick it in place on the bunny shape. It is best to do the eyes, nose and the pink centers of the ears first.

Fill in the rest of the bunny with the scrunched tissue. I used smaller pieces of tissue around the eyes, nose and ear details.

I covered the card completely with tightly packed tissue but you can play with the texture by scrunching the tissue paper less and letting the color of the card show through. Leave to dry well before cuddling!

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Easter Bunny Basket
Apr 19th, 2011 by Craftylocks


This is a simple way to make a basket and uses the same principles as the fold out paper garland. This make a lovely homemade Easter gift especially when filled with goodies.

Fold a photocopy size sheet of card in half but leave a 1cm tab sticking out along one edge. This will be used to attach the sides of the basket together.

Fold each side back on itself to form a concertina – don’t forget to leave the tab sticking out.

Leaving another tab at the bottom of the concertina, draw a circle for the bunny’s head. I used a small lid to trace around. Remember to make sure the circle goes over the edges so that you don’t cut the folds as these folds form the corners of the basket. You will want to have a good bit of fold uncut to ensure the basket is strong enough to hold the treats. Don’t forget to add some ears.

Leaving the concertina folded and making sure the side tab is folded in as well, cut out the bunny cutting through all of the layers.

When you open it up you should have a row of four bunnies and a small tab to join the sides. This would be a good time to draw in the eyes and mouth and color in the ears. But if, like me, you get too involved with constructing the basket to do the drawing bit now, you can still do it later though it makes it a rather fiddly job.

Fold the bottom tabs up. Glue the side tab behind the first bunny’s cheek so it is not seen from the outside. Glue the corners of the bottom tabs together to form a square bottom.

Once dry trace the outline on the extra piece of card and cut it out. Glue the square to the bottom of the basket and leave to dry.

Glue the handle in place. Fill it with some treats, or you can also line the inside with tissue or paper doily first before you add treats.

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Happy Flappy Easter Chick
Apr 17th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Any paper craft that has moving parts is always a hit with children.

You can make this cute chicken any size you wish or adapt the technique to make other flapping or running creatures.

Draw an egg shaped body and two wings on some yellow card and cut them out. Cut two legs from some orange card. Cut a diamond shape from the orange card. Fold the diamond in half to make the beak. Glue the beak, eyes and legs in place.

Use a pin to make a hole on each side of the body and on each wing piece. Attach the wings by inserting brads (split pins) through the holes on the body and wings.

If you want to turn it into an Easter Greeting for someone special, write ‘Happy Easter’ on the chicken’s tummy and send her on her way.

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