Egg Carton Trumpet Flower
March 19th, 2011 by Craftylocks
Egg cartons are wonderful because they are so versatile and can be turned into all sorts of crafts. Basically, if you sit and stare at an egg carton for long enough, an idea will most likely pop into your head. This craft came from a staring session and is very simple but looks great when finished. 

You will need
Egg carton
Food coloring
Chenille stick (Pipe cleaner)

Egg cartons come in all sorts of profiles. For this craft you will need a carton that has the pointed center sections. Carefully cut two of these sections from the carton. Trim neatly and cut one slightly shorter than the other. I found a blue carton so chose not to color these pieces but plain cartons would look great with some food coloring splashed over them.

Cut one cup from the egg carton and color also. You could also use paint or felt tip markers but it is well worth playing around with the food coloring as the results are great. Leave to dry and then cut a hole out of the base.

Make two holes in the point of the longer trumpet. Thread the chenille stick through the holes so that you have a long stem and a shorter end to wrap around the stem in order to secure it and thread the stem and trumpet through so the base of the trumpet is wedged as far as it can go.

Take a sheet of A4 paper and cut an 8cm strip from the width. Glue along one long edge and up one side. Carefully roll up to form a short tube. Make cuts going two thirds down the shaft all round from the unglued edge. Using your scissors, run each strip down the blade to curl them. The picture here is before the curling!

Thread up the length of the chenille stick and glue in place to the base of the trumpet. Squeeze the paper shaft into the base of the flower.

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