Paper Bag Hat
March 13th, 2011 by Craftylocks
Hats are top of our crafting list at the moment! This is just one of the ones we have perched on our heads today – the rest are all piling up in the next paper crafts for children newsletter.

What could be better than crafting up something that you can actually wear? As long as you do not mind lots of laughter and a bit of silliness then you can wear this hat – and in our house we like plenty of laughter and silliness so this hat fits right in.

First find yourself a paper bag, try it for size to see if it will fit your head, if it does then it can be a hat that you can wear – if it does not fit you then make it for a teddy bear. Then find some things that can be attached to a paper bag. Glitter, stickers, paint, feathers, and rose petals all work.

Roll the bottom of the paper bag up to make a stylish and sturdy brim, shape the crown by pushing it in a bit and it will start to look slightly less like a paper bag, especially of you squint your eyes and turn your head on the side.

Then decorate, decorate, decorate.

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