Collage Paper Rocket
Mar 30th, 2011 by Craftylocks

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make a perfect rocket collage. Gather together lots of bits of textured paper and card, or get crumpling some paper to make it textured yourself. Add some other items like bottle caps if you wish.

We used paper spirals, corrugated card, some paper we screwed up and smoothed out, screwed up balls of tissue and some thick lumpy card to make our rocket.

When we started we were not worrying about the colors of the paper as the plan was to paint the whole rocket silver, but we quite like it as it is. So the silver paint idea is still orbiting and may make a landing one day!

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Paper Plate Ladybug Hand Puppet
Mar 26th, 2011 by Craftylocks
This is a good craft for little hands as the pieces are quite large and not too fiddly. Parents can prepare the cut outs and let the child do the painting and glueing. Older children can adapt this to create all sorts of hand puppet creatures.

You will need 2 paper plates, black construction card, 2 googly eyes, some red paint and glue.

Cut two sets of legs from a sheet of black card. I laid the paper plate over the card and traced an outline of the side of the plate to give me the size I needed.

Glue the legs on opposite sides of the top edge of one of the plates. Allow to dry. Turn the second plate over and glue the edges of both plates together. You could use a stapler to attach the plates and legs together. Cut the bottom of the plates off to allow for your hand to be inserted into the cavity. Paint the top plate red and allow to dry.

Cut six circles and a face piece from the black card. I also cut a thin strip to represent the wings of the ladybug. Glue in place. Add the googly eyes and take your ladybug for a fly around.

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Egg Carton Trumpet Flower
Mar 19th, 2011 by Craftylocks
Egg cartons are wonderful because they are so versatile and can be turned into all sorts of crafts. Basically, if you sit and stare at an egg carton for long enough, an idea will most likely pop into your head. This craft came from a staring session and is very simple but looks great when finished. 

You will need
Egg carton
Food coloring
Chenille stick (Pipe cleaner)

Egg cartons come in all sorts of profiles. For this craft you will need a carton that has the pointed center sections. Carefully cut two of these sections from the carton. Trim neatly and cut one slightly shorter than the other. I found a blue carton so chose not to color these pieces but plain cartons would look great with some food coloring splashed over them.

Cut one cup from the egg carton and color also. You could also use paint or felt tip markers but it is well worth playing around with the food coloring as the results are great. Leave to dry and then cut a hole out of the base.

Make two holes in the point of the longer trumpet. Thread the chenille stick through the holes so that you have a long stem and a shorter end to wrap around the stem in order to secure it and thread the stem and trumpet through so the base of the trumpet is wedged as far as it can go.

Take a sheet of A4 paper and cut an 8cm strip from the width. Glue along one long edge and up one side. Carefully roll up to form a short tube. Make cuts going two thirds down the shaft all round from the unglued edge. Using your scissors, run each strip down the blade to curl them. The picture here is before the curling!

Thread up the length of the chenille stick and glue in place to the base of the trumpet. Squeeze the paper shaft into the base of the flower.

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Hand Shape and Finger Print Tree
Mar 16th, 2011 by Craftylocks
This is a very effective way of making a tree – perhaps this one is an apple tree! I have used a similar technique for an Autumn Tree, but instead of finger prints we used scrunched tissue paper for that one.

You will need;
Brown paper for the trunk

Trace around a hand and forearm on the brown paper for the trunk and branches of the tree. Cut the hand and arm shape out and glue it another sheet of paper.

Dot on lots of green paint using fingertips. This creates a lovely leafy tree.

Add some apples or flowers with a different colored paint. We have made our apples with thumb prints, or perhaps they are cherries! Either way they look just like something any tree would be thrilled to have on it’s branches.

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Paper Bag Hat
Mar 13th, 2011 by Craftylocks
Hats are top of our crafting list at the moment! This is just one of the ones we have perched on our heads today – the rest are all piling up in the next paper crafts for children newsletter.

What could be better than crafting up something that you can actually wear? As long as you do not mind lots of laughter and a bit of silliness then you can wear this hat – and in our house we like plenty of laughter and silliness so this hat fits right in.

First find yourself a paper bag, try it for size to see if it will fit your head, if it does then it can be a hat that you can wear – if it does not fit you then make it for a teddy bear. Then find some things that can be attached to a paper bag. Glitter, stickers, paint, feathers, and rose petals all work.

Roll the bottom of the paper bag up to make a stylish and sturdy brim, shape the crown by pushing it in a bit and it will start to look slightly less like a paper bag, especially of you squint your eyes and turn your head on the side.

Then decorate, decorate, decorate.

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St Patricks Day Paper Plate Door Hanger
Mar 11th, 2011 by Craftylocks

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm all around the world, celebrate it at home with your children with this St Patrick’s Day Paper Craft.

I saw this at the kids crafts magazine website and thought that it looked easy, fun and effective – perfect in other words!

You just need to cut the paper plate to the shape of a pot with a rainbow coming out of it and then paint or color with markers as pictured and hang on a door handle. I also want to attach a back to this with another paper plate half and then fill it with chocolate gold coins so that the children can find some yummy treasure on St Patrick’s Day – I hope they share it with me!

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