Valentine Garlands
February 8th, 2011 by Craftylocks

Both of these are super sweet and one is especially simple.

Hearts and garlands are just made to go together – the shape is so easy to cut out from the concertina folded paper. It was so easy I had to do another Valentine themed garland for you to try – this one involves a bit of planning, and although I usually cut first and plan later – this is still easy enough to work out really well.

Fold a strip of paper up until the front or face of it is about the right size for a picture. Draw on your picture making sure that the edges of the picture go on the edge of the paper.

valentine-garland-2 valentine-garland-1

Cut out the shape making sure you leave the edge of the picture not cut – you remember, that bit that is touching the edge of the paper. When you unfold your paper you will have a lovely row of hearts, unless you did some other shape – in which case it is entirely likely that you will have some row of shapes that are not hearts at all.



I love the way that the birds are kissing each other – perfect for a Valentine card. valentine-garland-5


This is a great paper craft for children to do independently, and to help them I have a Paper Garland Tutorial. For other garland ideas have a look at the Flower Paper Garland or the Halloween Garland ideas.

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