Snowflake Cut Out Heart Shape
February 1st, 2011 by Craftylocks

One of the much loved paper crafts for children – easy to do and always effective. We have lots of fun experimenting with lots and lots of shapes, not just snowflakes!

Snowflake Cut Outs may not be the correct term for this paper craft, but it is what I have always thought of this technique as. A heart is not the usual shape for this technique but if you have a valentine craft in mind then this is a super quick and easy one AND it makes a beautiful card.

Start with the heart shape and fold it in half – cut little shapes out of that fold. Unfold it and make another fold on one side of the heart – cut little shapes out of that fold and repeat on the other side. See if you can squeeze another row in on each side like we have!


Find a contrasting color for a card to give your heart maximum impact. These are such fun, and so easy to make that you will need to find lots of valentines to give them to so you can make lots.


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