Toilet Paper Roll Snowman
December 21st, 2010 by Craftylocks

toilet-roll-snowman-3It is great when you can incorporate recycling into your crafts by making something using items that would otherwise go straight into the rubbish.

This festive snowman uses empty toilet rolls for the body and a cork for a hat. Use what you can find in your craft box to bring your snowman to life.

Paint two toilet rolls with the white paint. Leave to dry well as you need to handle them firmly when cutting them to size. Cut the first toilet roll so that you have a shorter bit and a longer bit. Cut an even shorter piece from the second toilet roll so that you have three pieces as pictured.


Glue the three pieces together to make a very plain snowman.


You may find other things to decorate your snowman but we used 2 pipe-cleaners, 2 mini wooden push pegs, sequins, 1 cork, red string, black glitter, and black card. If you want one just the same, glue sequins in place to represent eyes and buttons and the red string for the mouth.

Cover the top and sides of the cork with glue and then coat in black glitter. Stick this to the piece of black card cut into a circle. If you do not have black glitter you could use a black marker pen instead. Glue the hat to the top of the snowman.

Wind the two ends of each pipecleaner three times around the pencil to form a spiral. Wrap this around the neck of the snowman for the scarf.

Slot the push pegs in place and your snowman is complete.


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