Paper Cones Christmas Tree
Dec 23rd, 2010 by admin2

Use this paper craft for children to whip up a forest of Christmas trees.

It can be made with or without decorations too – lots of fun either way.

For the basic tree you just need some green card and the usual supplies of scissors and glue. If you want to wrap it in baubles you will also need some jewelery wire and beads.

Draw four circles of different sizes on the card. Rummage through the pantry to find cans, bottles and other items you can use to trace round. Cut the circles out with the scissors. If you have scissors that cut with a fancy edge then make sure they get some use!

Cut your circles in half. You will have enough pieces for two trees.


Roll each half into a cone shape and glue edges together. Use clothes pegs to hold them in place while the glue dries.


Cut slits around the edges and flick the edges out a bit to add texture to the tree. Pop a bit of glue on top of each cone and stack them up – if you want a plain tree you are done.


If you want to get all fancy schmancy then take a piece of jewelery wire three times the height of the tree in length. Thread pretty beads onto the wire making a bend after each bead so it stays in place. Leave a length of wire un-beaded. Thread this wire through the top of the tree and down through each of the cones. Turn the tree upside down and bend the wire tail to keep the four cones together.

Bend the beaded wire gently round the tree.


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Concertina Angel
Dec 21st, 2010 by Craftylocks

I really love the simple lines of this Angel and think it deserves the best spot on the tree this year.

This paper craft for children is just as much fun for the grown-ups – do it together and share the glory!

You will need 2 sheets A4 or US letter paper, a pipe-cleaner (preferably white), some white card, glue and glitter.

Fold one sheet of paper along the longest side into a concertina. This will be the wings. Fold the other piece of paper into a concertina along the shortest side. We will call this piece the skirt.


Dippy do the edges in glue and then in the glitter for to an ever so angelic edge. Leave to dry thoroughly.


Fold the wings concertina sheet in half.


Cut the card into a small circle. Draw some eyes and a mouth or use a toothpick to make them with glue and then sprinkle with glitter. Twist the pipe-cleaner into a circle to make the halo. Coat the pipe-cleaner circle in glue and then dip in the glitter. It takes a while for the pipe-cleaner to dry properly so I glued the face on at this point to save time later. Use a peg to keep the face in place as she looks much better with the face and halo facing the same direction.


Find the wings (made right at the beginning) and use a craft knife to make a small slit in the fold line. Insert the pipe-cleaner through the cut in the center of the wings.


Tuck the pipe-cleaner into the skirt of the Angel so the wings and skirt sit flush with each other. Glue the pipe-cleaner to the skirt.


Glue the wings to the side of the skirt and attach a string so it can hang on the tree.


Ahhh – she is gorgeous!

For more gorgeous as well as recycled, cute, quick and colorful ideas check out my Christmas Paper Crafts for Children list.

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Toilet Paper Roll Snowman
Dec 21st, 2010 by Craftylocks

toilet-roll-snowman-3It is great when you can incorporate recycling into your crafts by making something using items that would otherwise go straight into the rubbish.

This festive snowman uses empty toilet rolls for the body and a cork for a hat. Use what you can find in your craft box to bring your snowman to life.

Paint two toilet rolls with the white paint. Leave to dry well as you need to handle them firmly when cutting them to size. Cut the first toilet roll so that you have a shorter bit and a longer bit. Cut an even shorter piece from the second toilet roll so that you have three pieces as pictured.


Glue the three pieces together to make a very plain snowman.


You may find other things to decorate your snowman but we used 2 pipe-cleaners, 2 mini wooden push pegs, sequins, 1 cork, red string, black glitter, and black card. If you want one just the same, glue sequins in place to represent eyes and buttons and the red string for the mouth.

Cover the top and sides of the cork with glue and then coat in black glitter. Stick this to the piece of black card cut into a circle. If you do not have black glitter you could use a black marker pen instead. Glue the hat to the top of the snowman.

Wind the two ends of each pipecleaner three times around the pencil to form a spiral. Wrap this around the neck of the snowman for the scarf.

Slot the push pegs in place and your snowman is complete.


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Santa Star
Dec 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A very simple Christmas Craft for children.

All you need is a star shape in red card to get them started. Add the boots and eyes and mark where the hole will go so your Santa or Santa’s can decorate your tree.


Hand the star over to the children, along with paints, cotton wool, or as with this one – pipe cleaners.


Absolutely Santa-liscious!!

For some other festive crafts check out the Christmas Paper Crafts for Children list.

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Christmas Greeting Garland
Dec 16th, 2010 by Craftylocks

One of the super simple, stylish, and seasonally suitable paper crafts for children!

Now I have the urge for alliteration out of system – on with the craft. My daughter made this one at school over a year ago. I kept it (OK, I keep most crafts) as I was impressed with how great it looks, but also the amount of effort that she put into the decorating of the letters. These ones are photocopied, but you could as easily write them and decorate with felts, stickers and perhaps a small pile of glitter.

For some other festive crafts check out the Christmas Paper Crafts for Children list.



Once the letters are all decorated, cut them into individual squares and punch two holes at the top of each square. Thread some string back and forth between the holes and then you just need a superb spot to suspend your garland.

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Stand Up Paper Cone Santa
Dec 12th, 2010 by Craftylocks

I have made this an easy paper craft for your children by creating a template for you to print out.

But you can also just follow the general technique and make your own version. You start with either the template printed out onto red paper or lightweight card, or draw your own Santa following the general style below.


Add the seasonal trim of cotton wool, or that classic fall-back of glitter.


Roll the bottom cone and staple at the back and your Santa is ready to decorate your window sill or even top your tree.


You could use this same technique to make an angel or even three wise men.

For some other festive crafts check out the Christmas Paper Crafts for Children list.

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