Glitter Pictures in Two Ways
November 12th, 2010 by Craftylocks

If you love making things from paper you most probably also love glitter! If you are a child who loves making things from paper then glitter is an essential craft material.

Glitter is usually used to add some sparkle to a picture or emphasis to a design. In these two pictures glitter is the only medium used to create the design and each of them has the glitter applied in a different way.

This first one is probably the most common method. We drew a simple design and then only glued the area that we wanted to be our first color. Once it had dried (or mostly dried) we shook off the glitter and put some more glue on for the next glitter – we kept going until our snail was finished in all her sparkley glory.


We also make our own sort of glitter paint. We mix glitter in with glue and either use a squeegee bottle to squeeze the glitter glue on to the paper, or we paint it on. The advantage of this is that their is no loose glitter to end up everywhere and you have a little more control over the picture. However it does dull the glitter a little and is also usually not as thick.


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