Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies
November 9th, 2010 by Craftylocks

These have been waiting ever so patiently for us to decorate them with lots of color. But they have a real charm in their natural state – so we will leave them like that a little longer.


I have seen other folks versions of this paper craft for children but none quite as beautiful as the one at Creative Jewish Mom’s site. I took a path less careful and cut my toilet paper rolls into rings with zero measuring – aiming for the rustic look! This craft passed my impatient crafter test and is suitable for crafting range of rough to precise – so no matter where you fit – start saving your toilet paper rolls.

Once you have more than one, cut them into rings and pinch them at each end – which they may well be anyway after cutting! Glue them together as pictured. The feelers are another ring cut in half and curled at each end.


If you are like us – they are done! Or do what we intended to do and grab some bright tissue paper and some cellophane. Cover the cardboard with tissue paper and spread some cellophane over the wings – then tell me how it went and I will have a go too!

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