Egg Carton Fish
October 31st, 2010 by Craftylocks

This craft first featured in one of my newsletters. Now it is swimming it’s way onto the paper crafts for children site.

What is cool about this one that with not much effort you have a three dimensional fish to decorate – much more tasty than a flat fish.

Cut the cup parts out of an egg carton.

Sit the cup on some card or paper and draw a some lips, fins and tail to fit. Cut out the fishy shape you have created.
You can decorate the card and bit of carton separately and then glue them togther as we did with this one. We used flicked paint to decorate the egg carton cup.
Or you can glue them together and then decorate them as we did with the red fish. We were going to add patterns but loved them just as they are.

We have made another fish using bits of egg carton, have a look at Egg Carton Fish and Rocket Models.

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