Paper Doily Screen Prints
October 11th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This is a fabulous way to make a beautiful pattern on some paper. If you can still find paper doilies, buy them so you can do this too!

It is a great introduction for children to the technique of screen printing as you have an already intricately cut piece of paper to use for your printing. I am sorry I do not have all the step by step photos as this is a print I did a few years ago. I was visiting a very cool site – http://creativejewishmom.com/ and saw that she had crocheted a Doily which I am so impressed by. It reminded me of my version of doily as art and I hunted though my stash of old art and found a doily print. I used to make lots of them, cut them into quarters and use them on cards.


To do the screen print you need a framed screen, a squeegee, paper, a stack of newspapers and some printing ink or paint. I just use good quality acrylic. Make a small stack of newspaper so the printing base has a little give in it. Put your clean paper on the newspaper stack. Place the paper doily on the paper and then the printing screen. Squeeze some paint on the screen, above the item to be printed, and then drag it over the doily with the squeegee. Repeat until all the white has been covered. Carefully lift the printing screen off the paper. The doily should stick to the screen enabling you to replace the paper and print again. I will take photos of the process one day!

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