Egg Carton Fish
Oct 31st, 2010 by Craftylocks

This craft first featured in one of my newsletters. Now it is swimming it’s way onto the paper crafts for children site.

What is cool about this one that with not much effort you have a three dimensional fish to decorate – much more tasty than a flat fish.

Cut the cup parts out of an egg carton.

Sit the cup on some card or paper and draw a some lips, fins and tail to fit. Cut out the fishy shape you have created.
You can decorate the card and bit of carton separately and then glue them togther as we did with this one. We used flicked paint to decorate the egg carton cup.
Or you can glue them together and then decorate them as we did with the red fish. We were going to add patterns but loved them just as they are.

We have made another fish using bits of egg carton, have a look at Egg Carton Fish and Rocket Models.

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Hand Print Ghost
Oct 25th, 2010 by Craftylocks
Cover your walls with these ghostly hand prints. ghost-hand3

Just two steps to create a perfectly spootastic picture. Make hand prints using white paint on black paper. Hold your hands closed to make a ghost shape.


When it is dry, add the eye details with a felt or marker pen. If the eyes are on a slant like pictured here they look very ghostly. If your hand print has not left a mouth shape then also add a mouth so your ghost can “Woooooooooo”.


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Paper Towel Ghosts
Oct 22nd, 2010 by Craftylocks

I am very excited by these little ghosties – super quick to toss together using art materials found in the kitchen cupboards.

I first saw a similar craft at Learn Create Love, they went a little further and used paint to make the paper towel ghosts stiff. But I am always looking for the easiest way to do paper crafts for children so I did a bit of adapting to the process, and I think they still look great! paper-towel_ghost5

You just need some paper towels, string, twist ties, a marker pen and some scissors.


Carefully poke a couple of holes in the center of the paper towel and push a twist tie through it. This will become the top of the head.


Bunch up another paper towel and put it in the center of the other towel and close the first paper towel over it and tie it at the base with the string.


Add some ghostly eyes and mouth and hang them about the house in time for Halloween.


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Tissue Paper Window Picture
Oct 19th, 2010 by Craftylocks

I love tissue paper, I love how it is so transparent, so I was delighted when we made this completely see through tissue paper picture for a window.

Well, I suppose you could have it on a wall, but it should really be where you can see the light shine through the paper. I have tried other ways of making a tissue paper collage, but it did not pass my easy to do test! I want to find paper crafts for children that are easy to do and work, and this one is pretty good.

You need plastic contact paper, some black paper and bits of torn or cut up tissue paper. Cut the outline of a simple shape out of the black paper. Peel the cover paper of the plastic contact and stick the black shape onto it.

Now hand it over to the children to do their thing with lots of bits of tissue paper. Their thing being covering all the sticky bits of contact paper with tissue paper. My daughter had a lovely time carefully selecting and arranging the colors on her bird. It doesn’t matter if the tissue paper goes over the edges of the black paper. When they have finished adding the tissue paper, cut the shape out again – trimming off any overlapping tissue paper.


Display on a window to really appreciate the colors of the tissue paper.


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Cut-out Shapes Pumpkin Pictures
Oct 17th, 2010 by Craftylocks

We had such fun making lots of different pumpkin faces with cut out shapes.

Halloween is a great excuse for some great paper crafts for children. These pumpkin faces are lots of fun and easy to do. You just need some basic shapes. I also kept the colors really limited which you do not have to do, but I reckon it has turned out quite effective.

So the shapes you need to cut out are a basic pumpkin shape in orange, and a stalk in green. Then out of black and white paper cut some random mouth shapes, some odd teeth shapes, triangles, circles, and a few eye shapes.



Then hand over some glue to the children and see what pumpkin faces they create.

pumpkin-shapes2 pumpkin-shapes3


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Paper Spider Wrist Wear
Oct 14th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Such a great way to make a spider. Based on your finger shapes and then worn on your hand for instant spider wear.

A speedy and easy paper craft for Halloween. Fold a piece of black paper in half and trace around your fingers with some chalk onto the paper.


Cut out around the finger shapes to make eight legs.


Open it up and add some eyes, then curl the legs around a pen.


Make a bracelet or wrist band from a strip of paper and attach it to the spider. Wear it on your wrist or hand and it will help you go trick or treating!


Another way to make a hand shape spider is at Cardboard Roll and Hand Shape Spiders.

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