Halloween Garland
Sep 15th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Halloween is the perfect theme for this classic paper craft for children.

So many simple spooky shapes that can be cut out from the folded up paper to make garland of linked images. If you have not made these before, or you want some steps for children to follow, you can use the Paper Garland Tutorial.

The shapes we tried were skulls …


bats …


spiders …

and my favourite, the ghosts …


I liked the ghosts as there are lots of ways you could do them. If you just wanted to have ghost garlands, you could easily make lots of different shapes ghosts with different expressions.

For all of the garlands the details were added with a pen after the shapes had been cut out.

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Leaf People Picture
Sep 12th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This is a great seasonal craft for Autumn or Fall. You can create a person from the actual leaves, or to make it last longer, use leaf rubbings.

leaf-manI love the process of collecting the leaf rubbings. You need to find leaves that are not too dry or brittle to collect rubbings from. Lay the leaf or leaves on a flat surface and lay a piece of paper over it. Using a pencil or a crayon, color on top of the leaf and the texture from the leaf will create the picture on the paper.

Some leaves create a better image as they have more defined ridges on them – it is lots of fun to experiment to see which leaves create the best image.

Once you have lots of rubbings you can cut them out to create a picture. I like making a person as it is recognizable and easy to do, but each one will still turn out differently. You could even make a skirt out of leaves and dress the leaf person up.

The hunt to find items suitable for crayon rubbings makes this a very enjoyable art and craft activity for children. To see what else you can do with them have a look at our Crayon Rubbings Collage Picture.

I have some more Autumn or Fall paper crafts for children @ Autumn/Fall crafts for Children

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Mess Free Paper Crafts for Children
Sep 9th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Although making a mess is a very important part of great art and crafts for children, sometimes we just need some mess free activities!

Paper Plate Fish
These paper plate fish can be decorated with felt pens for a mess free creation.
Simple Paper Daisy
Simple to make from just some paper and a chenille stick.
Hand Shape Paper Frog
This cute guy is a snip to make!
Crepe Paper Tassels
Create a festive atmosphere with this simple paper craft.
Crayon Rubbing Pictures
One of the classic paper crafts for children – and low mess too!
Crepe Paper Butterflies
Simple and beautiful for such little effort.
Kirigami Paper Crown
This is very cool for little effort – Kirigami is a great mess free paper craft for children.
Paper Tree
A very useful paper craft for children to know.
Flower Pencil Topper
This is a handy craft to know if you want to make a gift.
Cup Case Flowers
I love cup cake cases with cup cakes in them, and as a bunch of flowers!
Paper Hand Lily
Make a special flower from a child’s own hand shape.
Paper Weaving
Although this paper craft involves lots of bits of paper, they all get tidied away into the weaving.
Hand Leaf Tree
This example is an Autumn or Fall tree and is a great paper craft activity for a group of children.
Origami Tutorials
Origami is a very mess free paper craft for children, there is not even any scrap paper.
Paper Garland
This paper craft is much loved by children and it can be created in many themes.
Tissue Paper Flowers
I love this paper craft, we have used it at a party for children with great success.
Pop up Card
This is a very good pop-up card technique for children to learn, it is simple and they can adapt it to many situations.
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Hand Shape Sheep
Sep 7th, 2010 by Craftylocks

If you have seen this paper craft for children before it was probably created to look a lot more like a real sheep than our one!

Usually the hand print will be black and the cotton balls will be white – and that does look very effective. But we found these gorgeous colored cotton balls in our cupboard, so ours is a rainbow spring lamb!

Start with a hand print which will become the legs and head of the sheep – so choose the color that you think will be fun for that.


Glue on the cotton balls.


Add details with a black felt, add hooves, ears and a face. We also added a comment from our sheep just in case anyone thought it was a dog – anyone like our children!!


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After the Earthquake
Sep 5th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A rapid and effective response from the authorities after our huge earthquake.

It felt as though before the initial quake had even stopped, that rescue teams from around New Zealand converged on Christchurch to search the rubble for victims. Fortunately there were none buried but I am glad they did not wait to find out before arriving!

The national radio station was providing a calm and helpful commentary straight after the quake. The national telephone company immediately made all public phones free of charge.

Dairy companies worked with the council and tanked in water for those who have no water supply. Trucks are set up at stations around the town. Port-a-loo’s have been positioned in streets that are not able to use their sewage.

All this is on top of the emergency shelters that were set up straight away for those who have lost their homes. Nurses and doctors with damaged and destroyed houses have still gone to work.

Neighbors are caring for neighbors, as they do everywhere when this sort of thing happens. Other cities around the country have already raised funds to help us with our rebuilding. Apparently the US airforce was ready to come and assist if needed! It is reassuring to know that folk around the world want to help.

Their is so much support at all levels. Skilled people are making making themselves available and organizations stepping in to assist those in need of advise, a roof, food, or just a shoulder to cry on.

Everyone knows what they should do and where to go for help. Dangerous areas have been assessed and cordoned off, and repairs have started within 48 hours of the quake!

The robustness of our building codes and the strengthening of many of our historic buildings has saved many many structures and so many lives. I am relieved at how lucky we are, but oh I wish all the after-shocks would stop!

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Earthquake Shakes Paper Craft Plans
Sep 4th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Yesterday was a very very strange day! The day started with a massive earthquake, 7.1 on the Richter scale – centered very close to Christchurch and very shallow – so lot of damage to the city!

Fortunately very little harm to people – we have come off very lightly. Our house and family were shaken around a lot but no harm to any of us and very little damage to our house. We had no power or water so we cooked breakfast on the wood burner which was fun, and had a picnic in the sun for lunch. Although I already had lots of water stashed away we filled buckets from a well that was overflowing as a result of the pressure from the quake. Sorting all the essentials for the family certainly helped me feel calmer and able to cope with it all.

We are still having heaps of aftershocks, hopefully we will not have the big aftershock they have been predicting! But just in case, all our remaining breakables are on the floor in boxes!

So no new paper crafts for children today, although I have just heard that all the schools will be shut for the next few days so we may need to make some crafts to fill in the days at home!

I hope that any of my readers in the Canterbury region are safe and well, and that any damage is quickly sorted!

Take care,

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