Cardboard Roll Glasses
September 18th, 2010 by Craftylocks

These glasses or binoculars made from toilet paper rolls are fun for children to make and fun for them to spy things with.

Paper crafts that make things children can play with are double the fun. To make these groovy glasses you just need two toilet paper rolls – or rolls of cardboard if you prefer, and some scraps of paper and cellophane.

roll_glasses1 We used another toilet paper roll and cut the end off it to make the joining piece on our glasses. You can also just glue the two cardboard rolls together.
roll_glasses2 We wanted a rosy tinted view of the world so we taped cellophane over one end of the glasses.
roll_glasses4 To cover the toilet paper rolls, and the taped bits of the cellophane, we glued a couple of layers of tissue paper over them.
roll_glasses3 Of course all good glasses have eyelashes, so we cut some strips into some pieces of paper and curled them around a pencil.
roll_glasses5 Perfect!
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