After the Earthquake
September 5th, 2010 by Craftylocks

A rapid and effective response from the authorities after our huge earthquake.

It felt as though before the initial quake had even stopped, that rescue teams from around New Zealand converged on Christchurch to search the rubble for victims. Fortunately there were none buried but I am glad they did not wait to find out before arriving!

The national radio station was providing a calm and helpful commentary straight after the quake. The national telephone company immediately made all public phones free of charge.

Dairy companies worked with the council and tanked in water for those who have no water supply. Trucks are set up at stations around the town. Port-a-loo’s have been positioned in streets that are not able to use their sewage.

All this is on top of the emergency shelters that were set up straight away for those who have lost their homes. Nurses and doctors with damaged and destroyed houses have still gone to work.

Neighbors are caring for neighbors, as they do everywhere when this sort of thing happens. Other cities around the country have already raised funds to help us with our rebuilding. Apparently the US airforce was ready to come and assist if needed! It is reassuring to know that folk around the world want to help.

Their is so much support at all levels. Skilled people are making making themselves available and organizations stepping in to assist those in need of advise, a roof, food, or just a shoulder to cry on.

Everyone knows what they should do and where to go for help. Dangerous areas have been assessed and cordoned off, and repairs have started within 48 hours of the quake!

The robustness of our building codes and the strengthening of many of our historic buildings has saved many many structures and so many lives. I am relieved at how lucky we are, but oh I wish all the after-shocks would stop!

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