Earthquake Shakes Paper Craft Plans
September 4th, 2010 by Craftylocks

Yesterday was a very very strange day! The day started with a massive earthquake, 7.1 on the Richter scale – centered very close to Christchurch and very shallow – so lot of damage to the city!

Fortunately very little harm to people – we have come off very lightly. Our house and family were shaken around a lot but no harm to any of us and very little damage to our house. We had no power or water so we cooked breakfast on the wood burner which was fun, and had a picnic in the sun for lunch. Although I already had lots of water stashed away we filled buckets from a well that was overflowing as a result of the pressure from the quake. Sorting all the essentials for the family certainly helped me feel calmer and able to cope with it all.

We are still having heaps of aftershocks, hopefully we will not have the big aftershock they have been predicting! But just in case, all our remaining breakables are on the floor in boxes!

So no new paper crafts for children today, although I have just heard that all the schools will be shut for the next few days so we may need to make some crafts to fill in the days at home!

I hope that any of my readers in the Canterbury region are safe and well, and that any damage is quickly sorted!

Take care,

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