Great Ways to Make Decorated Paper
September 2nd, 2010 by Craftylocks

The crafts on Paper Crafts for Children are all about having fun with paper and making fabulous things. For many of these creations, they are even more fabulous if they have been made with paper that has been hand decorated as a result of another arty crafty activity. The crafts listed here are some of the best of the paper crafts for children that are all about decorating paper.

Blown Bubble Decorated Paper
Huff and puff, and blow bubbles to create this beautiful paper.
Plasticine Printed Paper
Easy, and oh so effective, you have to try this!
Paper and Crayon Batik
So much fun, and some cool paper as well.
Scraped Paint
There are lots of ways this technique can be used to create decorated paper.
Mirror Pictures
This one has wow factor appeal to children
Painting with Balls and Wheels
Have lots of fun shake, rattling and rolling when you make this decorated paper.
Shaving Foam Marbling
A paper decorating technique that the grown ups will want to do too!
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