Stone Decorated Box
August 10th, 2010 by Craftylocks

We decorated a treasure box with some mementos from a fabulous and very rugged beach on the west coast of New Zealand.

We rode the transalpine train to reach the other side of the South Island to spend the night. We were staying in a beach front motel, and wandered out from our room to check out the beach. It was incredible! It was wild with white topped mountains in full view and crashing waves. But the best thing was the stones. The beach was made up of all sorts of stones, a fabulous range of colors and patterns from translucent white stones, to spotty black and green, flat and thin as card ones, ones with layers in them like icing. Of course we filled our pockets with as many as we could to bring home.

greymouth_beach2 greymouth_beach1

We sorted through and found lots of little ones to cover the lid of a spare box we had. One stone was perfect for a knob, we glued it on first with thick glue – impasto gel medium.


We then glued all the others around it. It is a collage made out of stones!


The glue dried clear and we have a very nice box which is also a memory from a very special trip.


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