Blown Bubble Printed Paper
August 7th, 2010 by Craftylocks

This is a fabulous way to create some decorated paper.


I have done this craft many times with many children, and it is always a hit. It is one of the paper crafts for children that suits lots of ages too. The only thing you need to make sure is that the children practice blowing through a straw first! Does not work so well, or taste too good if you suck up the mixture – yik.

To make the mixture, you need a small amount of detergent and brightly colored dye or food coloring in containers. Containers the size of a cup or mug are about the right size. Blow into the mixture with a straw and the bubbles will grow. When they rise above the sides of the container place a piece of paper on them and they will pop and print the paper with their pattern.


Repeat with other colors if you want multi-colored bubble print paper.


Work as team to make a giant bubble for printing. The final print may not be as effective as repeating the smaller bubble prints, but it is heaps of fun. Put the mixture in a large baking dish that everyone can fit around and all blow!


Now what can you do with all of this bubbley paper? You will be pleased to know I have that sorted – you make cards! I have four easy speedy ideas for making cards from bubble print decorated paper. There are other much fancier methods but these are quick and simple to do, and they make a card anyone would love to receive.

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