Paper Spiral Snakes Magnet Game
August 5th, 2010 by Craftylocks

spiral-snake2Create a fun game with some of your very own decorated paper.

I have lot of ways of decorating paper on my ‘Paper Crafts for Children’ site, so I am always keen to find a way to use some of that paper. I love the spirals that show up as a snake is caught by a magnet. You could call these sea serpents instead, make some fish shapes and some octopus shapes as well and have a sea scene fishing game.

To create the snakes you start off with a circle drawn on the back of your decorated paper, draw a spiral on the circle, add a tail on the outside and a head in the center.


Cut out the shape and add a paper clip to the head.


Tie a magnet onto a string to create the ‘fishing rod’ or ‘snake charmer’. Then see how quickly you can capture the slippery snakes. If you also have other creatures you can write numbers on each one and the players can add up their scores as they play. A good opportunity to sneak some maths in there.


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