Cardboard Construction Train
August 1st, 2010 by Craftylocks

After a fantastic family holiday which involved a transalpine train trip, we wanted to craft up something to remind us of the fun.

We hopped on a train on one side of the south island of New Zealand early in the morning, and traveled through and over the mountains to the other side of New Zealand in time for lunch! A fabulous trip – very scenic as we traveled though the plains, and over snowy passes, and through lots of tunnels and out onto the lush greenery of the west coast.

transalpine1 transalpine2

This seemed the perfect time to use some nice new split pins (brads), someone else thought the same thing and used some of them to make a cool cardboard car. I thought she did very well. All the paper crafts for children activities we have been doing have given my children lots of ideas to try and now they often create their own things.

Recently we sorted through lots of the children’s old artwork and put lots of samples into folders to look back at. I found some delightful train pictures and used one of those as a reference for my cardboard construction train. The actual train we went on was a proper modern train, but all the train pictures I found are of steam trains, so a steam train it is! First I copied the drawings onto some card.


Then I used watercolor pencils to color the train pictures.


After turning the pencil marks into paint with my brush, I assembled the train. A box was used between the two sides to create the width. Then each wheel was attached with split pins (brads). Nothing is perfect or even but the wheels all go round and the train looks great on the shelf too.


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